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voiceofreason 12-08-2019 03:36 AM

Tampa WM, 37 shot to death in his home by the negro

Man charged with murder in Tampa shooting, police say
Updated: 10:46 AM, Dec 06, 2019

TAMPA, Fla. A man in Tampa is facing several charges, including murder, after a deadly shooting on Thursday night.

The Tampa Police Department responded the 1600 block of East North Bay Street a little after 9 p.m. Upon arrival, officers found a body with a gunshot wound.

The victim, Jeffrey Negron, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police located the suspect, Robert Beausejour, on Friday following a search.


According to authorities, Beausejour forced his way into a home on East North Bay Street where he confronted Negron.

Police say the two got into a fight and Beausejour shot Negron one time.

Beausejour was arrested without incident. He is facing charges for murder, felon in possession of a firearm, armed burglary and tampering with a witness.


Jeffrey Negron, age 37



Early Origins of the Negron family

The surname Negron was first found in Castile, in north central Spain.

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