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sniffy 06-22-2017 10:34 AM

Canada: Violent Queers to get Hitched in the Joint

True Homo Love

Luka Magnotta : Murder, eating his victim
Anthony Jolin : Pimping, execution of informant, prison execution

By Brad Hunter, Toronto Sun
Tuesday, June 20, 2017 6:23:12 EDT PM

Cannibal killer Luka Rocco Magnotta is slated to get hitched to fellow inmate Anthony Jolin, 36, in a ceremony June 26.

In a kindly twist of kismet, the betrothed shares Magnotta’s blood-drenched CV. Jolin - a native of Saint John, N.B. - was sentenced to life in prison for murdering a fellow inmate at the maximum security prison in Renous, N.B.
According to the CBC, Jolin and fellow con Jonathan Hache, 21, stabbed Kevin Whynder to death in the prison shower in 2003.
The violent 30-year-old pimp had executed Halifax teen Kelly Wilneff, 17, with 10 bullets in the head for planning to testify against him at his assault trial, according to CBC News archives.
Prior to shanking Whynder, Jolin had been serving a six-year sentence for robbery with a firearm.
As for Magnotta, he’s serving a life sentence for the lurid murder of a Montreal student in 2012. The former low-rent porn actor killed and dismembered his Chinese victim.
The newsome twosome’s marriage will be celebrated at the Pont-Cartier Penitentiary under strict conditions, TVA Nouvelles reports.
Magnotta and Jolin will be now entitled to trailer visits.
“When you are a de facto partner with someone, technically you are entitled to private family trailers. So spend three days with your spouse,” former inmate and social reintegration worker Daniel Benson told TVA.
“I do not want to make any value judgment on Mr. Magnotta, but with the offense he committed ... leaving that person alone with his spouse unattended for 2-3 days, I have a certain (unease).”
Magnotta emerged from under the rock in 2015 when he went looking for love on jailbird hook-up site Canadian Inmates Connect.
The hopeless romantic said he was seeking a “prince charming” who was white, in good shape between 28 and 38 years old.
Magnotta’s mom, Anna Yourkin, will be the killer’s witness.

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