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voiceofreason 05-14-2020 03:51 AM

Paducah, KY white wimman, 56 helps jigro adjust to life outside its cage ends up shot to deff

Man charged, woman identified after deadly shooting in Paducah

May 13, 2020


UPDATE (5/13/20 at 12:35) - Kelvin Richardson's arraignment has been scheduled for May 15, 2020 at 10:59 a.m.

PADUCAH, KY - Paducah police have charged a man released from prison a year ago with murder, after they say he shot and killed a local special education teacher.

Police say they caught 56-year-old Kelvin Richardson of Paducah a few blocks away from the Fountain Avenue home of Carrie D. McCord, where they say he shot and killed her in the back yard.

Police say they found McCord lying in the yard with an apparent gun shot wound and a male fleeing the area on a bicycle.

Police found Richardson less than three blocks away with a .357-caliber hangdun.

McCracken County Coroner Amanda Melton pronounced McCord dead at the scene.

Richardson told detectives that McCord had tried to help him adjust to life outside of prison, then in March, he began to cause problems for McCord and she got an Interpersonal Protective Order to keep him away from her and her home.

Richardson says he got a handgun and went to McCord's home on Tuesday intending to kill her and three neighbors who apparently intervened in an earlier accident. Richardson says he confronted McCord on her back porch, and said he demanded she call the neighbors outside so he could kill them. Police say she repeatedly refused, so he shot her and left the scene on a bicycle.

Richardson is booked in the McCracken County Jail on charges including murder, fleeing or evading police, possession of a handgun by convicted felon and violation of IPO.

Richardson has a lengthy criminal history, including multiple violent felonies:rolleyes:, and was released from prison on parole and assigned to Keeton Correctional Center in Paducah on Feb. 19, 2019. The Department of Corrections order his release from Keeton on May 31,2019, to a residence in Hinkleville Road.


Community mourns C.D. McCord


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