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Whitebear 02-21-2006 09:06 PM

What is a nation? and what possible 'New Nation' might be realized?

From a discussion on 'What should be the scope of the "New Nation News" website'.

There are at least hundreds of - more or less - 'Nationalist' websites and/or organizations.

Any subdivision should be based on the natural racial/cultural differences that define a 'nation' - not the artificial boundaries of existing countries.

The main difference is language. For example, I can not read foreign language websites to get the news unless it is already translated into English - so I have focused on the 'Old British Empire' and her English-speaking colonies.

I believe that English-speaking people of European descent in Canada and the US are really part of the same Nation.

I understand the two Ireland's are separated by Protestant/Catholic differences.

The Confederacy was a nation - but it has been eroded.

The Northwest is more of a strategy than a 'nation' now.

Normally people would KNOW what nation they belonged to but the propaganda and mass media and the public school indoctrination and the cloned fast-food and other chain businesses are making the US a place where you would not know where you were if someone knocked you out and dumped you in another city with no outstanding natural features.

In one sense I can feel a national identity with all English-speaking people of European descent, in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Southern Africa and the the UK.

At the next level, I identify with all people of European descent - even speaking different languages and perhaps suffering from some other religion... :)

Yet I still can have some nostalgia for those nations that have been 'assimilated' in fairly recent history, such as the Scots, Welsh, Basques, and Southerners.

I read about the author of the Finnish book "THE KALEVALA" - (which was one of the sources for Tolkien's Ring Trilogy) - Elias Lonnrot - who by accumulating all of the folk tales and mythology of the region - and putting together this epic tale in 1849 - sparked the creation of a Finnish Nationalism that did NOT exist prior to this time.

So there are real racial differences - and then varying degrees of cultural differences in language, religion, history etc. that may form the basis of a separate 'nationality'.

So beyond race and the difficult language barrier - I think it is possible for us (in the broadest sense of those that would hope for a New Nation to come out of our current 's limepot-melting-pot') to DEFINE what the 'New Nation' will be.

And if that is a realistic ideal - then we can bring more people to look forward to being a part of that future nation and working for the survival of their descendants as Citizens of that New Nation.

Ref: What is White Nationalism - by Yggdrasil

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