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The Bobster 03-30-2019 12:30 PM

Re: MS-13 gang growing extremely dangerous, FBI says

MS-13 member indicted for 2016 murder of Long Island teen
By Lorena Mongelli and Lia Eustachewich
March 29, 2019 | 9:03pm

Elmer Gilberto Santos Contreras
Newsday/Jessica Rotkiewicz

An admitted member of MS-13 was indicted Friday in the 2016 murder of a Long Island teen who was beaten so badly that he was “virtually unrecognizable,” prosecutors said.

Elmer Gilberto Santos Contreras, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador :mad:, was hauled into Suffolk County Supreme Court to plead not guilty to second-degree murder charges that could land him behind bars for up to life.

Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy Sini said he ordered a “hit” on Estiven Abrego-Gomez, 18, of Greenlawn, in August 2016 “after the victim was reportedly seen on social media flashing gang signs of the 18th Street gang, which is a known rival of the MS-13 gang.”

“This is a dangerous homicidal sociopath that we are not simply going to let walk out the door, go back to El Salvador and potentially illegally re-enter the United States,” Sini said at a press conference.

Abrego-Gomez’s cause of death was determined as sharp force injuries and blunt-force trauma. Contreras, 23, allegedly admitted to the murder while being held by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement on deportation proceedings in Virginia, Sini added.

In court, principal assistant prosecutor Kathleen Kearon divulged details of the gruesome slaying, including that the victim’s hands were nearly sliced off.

“The decedent was virtually unrecognizable,” she said.

Contreras’ lawyer Christopher Gioe denied the allegations.

The Bobster 04-03-2019 10:43 AM

Re: MS-13 gang growing extremely dangerous, FBI says

Deported MS-13 killer arrested after being caught back on Long Island
By Priscilla DeGregory and Ben Feuerherd
April 2, 2019 | 8:49pm | Updated April 3, 2019 | 9:02am


An admitted MS-13 gang member who had been booted from the US after killing a man in Huntington, was arrested again Tuesday — back on Long Island.

William Umberto Martinez Chavez, 40, had been deported in 2017 after he was convicted of manslaughter and did time for the fatal stabbing of a man in May 2000 outside a Huntington deli, federal prosecutors said.

But the Salvadoran killer — who has MS-13 tattoos on his chest and stomach — sneaked back into the country and was nabbed in Huntington on Tuesday.

“This office is firmly committed to prosecuting criminals who illegally re-enter the United States, especially MS-13 gang members who break into the country after deportations resulting from violent-crime convictions,” said Eastern District US Attorney Richard Donoghue in a statement announcing Chavez’s apprehension.

In 2000, Martinez allegedly plunged a knife into Jose Armando Garcia after an argument outside a Huntington Station bodega.

He was convicted of manslaughter two years after the crime, but maintained his innocence.

He pleaded with a Long Island judge to give him a lenient sentence, claiming he didn’t know what he was signing when he inked a confession.

“I didn’t have anything to do with it,” he said at his sentencing, Newsday reported. “I didn’t know what they were writing. I didn’t know what I was signing.”

Chavez was busted outside his Huntington house Tuesday morning by ICE officers, authorities said.

After he was taken into custody, officers took his fingerprints and matched them to sets that were taken when he was arrested in 2000 and when he was deported in 2017.

He was carrying a Mexican driver’s license bearing his name at the time of his arrest, federal prosecutors said.

Chavez, who claims he is no longer affiliated with the violent street gang, is now charged with *illegal re-entry into the US, for which he faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. He was remanded after appearing in Central Islip federal court Tuesday.

Chavez’s lawyer did not immediately return a request for comment.

The Bobster 04-06-2019 09:57 AM

Re: MS-13 gang growing extremely dangerous, FBI says

How deported MS-13 gang members sneak back into the US
By Gabrielle Fonrouge and Stephanie Pagones
April 5, 2019 | 8:04pm | Updated April 5, 2019 | 10:03pm

The deported MS-13 gang member who was caught back in Long Island this week snuck into the US over the southern border — and may have had help from ganbangers in Suffolk County, law enforcement sources told The Post Friday.

William Umberto Martinez Chavez, 40, was first kicked out of the country back in 2017 for a fatal 2000 stabbing — but was found in Huntington on Tuesday morning and arrested by Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents for illegal reentry.

Investigators don’t think he crossed into the States at an official port of entry — because he was not interviewed by border patrol officers and would’ve been denied entry if he had been due to his previous deportation, sources say.

Gang members who are kicked out of the country and make it back into the US typically pull it off with help from others in the crew who are still stateside, sources said.

Once the gang member is ousted, they must report back to the leaders of the group in their home country and show some proof they were deported, one source explained.

Those who want to return back to the US then typically enlist the help of fellow members in America, who’ll pitch in and gather the money needed to pay a coyote to get their gang brother back into the country.

Without a deportation order hanging over their head, it’s otherwise surprisingly easy for a gangbanger to get into the US themselves, a federal source noted.

Being a possible gang member isn’t enough to deport someone or deny them entry to the US, sources said. :mad:

Even someone with MS-13 tattooed on his face could still be allowed to stay in the country for immigration hearings if they claimed asylum or were busted illegally crossing the border, a source added.

Martinez Chavez has MS-13 ink on both his chest and stomach — although claims he only joined the gang in prison for protection :rolleyes:, according to Newsday.

In 2018, ICE agents arrested more than 10,000 gang members in both criminal and administrative busts — including more than 2,000 MS-13 members, according to the agency.

The FBI estimates there are over 10,000 MS-13 members nationwide, with at least 1,000 across Long Island.

The group — whose motto is “murder, rape, control” — has long held a stronghold on Long Island’s eastern end and recently trickled further west into Nassau County, where authorities say its members were behind a spate of recent murders.

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