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voiceofreason 01-11-2019 05:30 AM

Jury finds Columbus-area coon guilty in homo rape case of boy, 10

Jury finds Columbus-area man guilty in child rape case
Jan 9, 2019


An 11-year-old boy smiled as he hugged family, investigators, and the judge after a man from the family’s church was sentenced to life in prison for raping the child.

The boy’s personality drastically changed from timid on the stand Tuesday to confident Wednesday while surrounded by family and friends in the gallery. The boy watched Arthur Dade, Jr., of Canal Winchester, Ohio — whom he knew as “Apostle Dade” — exit the courtroom in an orange jumpsuit and shackles. Then, he jumped into his sister’s arms.

More embraces followed. The boy gave hugs to Toledo police detective Mark Nelson, who encouraged the boy to keep his faith in God, along with prosecutors and Lucas County Common Pleas Court Judge Dean Mandros. The boy thanked the judge for sentencing Dade, 50, after a jury returned a guilty verdict to the sole count of rape.

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