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The Bobster
12-18-2019, 10:51 AM

Over 140 NYC schools have grades with 90 percent state exam failure rate
By Selim Algar
December 17, 2019 | 10:40pm

More than 140 New York City elementary and middle schools had at least one grade where more than 90 percent of kids flunked their state exams last academic year, according to a Post analysis.

A total of 23 schools had at least one entire class where not a single student passed a math or *English proficiency test given annually to kids in grades 3 to 8.

“Behind these figures are individuals,” said Yiatin Chu, a member of Manhattan’s Community Education Council 1, a parental advisory panel. “These are families who count on our schools to educate their children. This is *depressing and it’s shocking.”

With many of the city’s lowest-performing schools spending in excess of $30,000 annually per student, Chu called for urgent scrutiny of the Department of *Education.

“What exactly is being taught in these classrooms?” she asked. “These kids are spending 35 hours a week or so in class. What is that time being used for? What is the curriculum?”

There were 142 schools across the boroughs where more than 90 percent of students failed math or English tests.

At PS/MS 46 Arthur Tappan in *Harlem, 57 eighth graders sat for the state math exam last year, *according to state data, and all failed.

At the Academy of Public Relations middle school in The Bronx, 50 students sat for the same eighth-grade math test, and not one was proficient, the numbers show.

At PS 306 Ethan Allen in Brooklyn — a participant in City Hall’s defunct Renewal Schools program — 47 fifth graders took their state math exams last year and all failed.

At PS 224 in Brooklyn, a total of 301 kids in grades 6, 7 and 8 took their state math exams and 288 of them flunked — a bleak pass rate of 4 percent, the figures show.

A total of 57 third-graders at PS 31 William T. Davis on Staten Island took both state exams. Only three passed English and one passed math.

At the North Bronx School of Empowerment, 186 seventh graders took the state math test and just eight passed.

A total of 19 schools that had at least one class with a higher than 90-percent failure rate were part of the Renewal Schools program that poured millions of dollars into struggling schools in a last-ditch attempt to turn them around.

DOE spokeswoman Danielle Filson said the department is making progress and that the 142-school figure is an improvement over the 193 that the previous year had at least one grade with failure rates over 90 percent. :rolleyes:

“We are laser-focused on strengthening instruction, and we’re making gains on more accurate and consistent measures of progress — with record-high high school graduations and college enrollment,” she said.

“We’re also making progress on state assessments, as New York City students outperformed their state peers on English exams for the fourth year in a row and we continue to close the gap with the rest of the state on math year after year.”

Last academic year, the city’s overall English proficiency rate inched up by 0.7 percentage points from the prior year and math scores rose 2.9 percentage points, the numbers show.

Critics have questioned the general reliability of state exam trends in recent years given frequent format and standards changes.

The Bobster
12-18-2019, 10:54 AM

Student at failing East Harlem school says teachers just don’t care anymore
By Anabel Sosa
December 17, 2019 | 10:12pm

Jose Cambero
Richard Harbus

“The teachers just be like, ‘We don’t care no more.’ ”

One of the teens in an East Harlem school class where every single student failed the state math exam last year told The Post on Tuesday that he and the 56 other kids never had a chance.

In a school rife with bullying and armed classmates, “the majority of the time, the teachers spent getting us to calm down, to sit down,” said José Cambero, 14, formerly of PS/MS 46 and now a freshman at the Business of Sports School in Manhattan.

“I’m not going to lie, it’s not the school, and it’s not the teachers,’’ he said of last year’s debacle.

“It more of the kids in the area that stress these teachers out, that the teachers just be like, ‘We don’t care no more.’

“I don’t even know what I got on the exam, they didn’t tell us,’’ he added. “To be honest, they said state exam don’t even count.”

PS/MS 46 in East Harlem, where one former student says everyone in his class failed the state math exam.
Richard Harbus for The New York Post

The teen’s dad, also José Cambero, 47, said of his son, “My personal feeling about the situation is that they passed him just to get rid of him.

They passed him, they graduated him, not because he passed the city exam or because he got good grades, but because they didn’t want to deal with him anymore.”

Both father and son acknowledged that the boy has problems.

“I’m not going to lie, he is a troubled child, behaviorally, academically,’’ his father said.

But he said he asked for help from the school, and “they failed my son, they let us down.

“They came to help him when it was too late.’’

The Bobster
12-19-2019, 11:37 AM

Councilman: City Hall wants to nix standardized testing to hide school failures
By Selim Algar
December 18, 2019 | 5:53pm

City Councilman Robert Holden on Wednesday accused City Hall and the Department of Education of attacking standardized testing to hide systemic failures — which were laid out in a shocking New York Post report this week.

A total of 142 city elementary and middle schools had at least one grade where more than 90% of students failed a state math or English exam last academic year, according to state data obtained by The Post.

“Sadly this demonstrates how badly the DOE is failing our children,” Holden tweeted Wednesday in response to the story. “It’s definitely embarrassing for the Mayor and the Chancellor which is why they both are attempting to eliminate standardized testing.”

At 23 schools, entire grades failed, without a single student scoring at a proficient level, the numbers show.

At PS/MS 46 Arthur Tappan in *Harlem, for example, 57 eighth graders sat for the state math exam last year and all of them failed. :p

Holden also called out the DOE for passing students who flunk their state tests en masse and suggested that mayoral control of city schools should be revoked.

At an unrelated press conference Wednesday, schools Chancellor Richard "Ay!" Carranza stressed that the number of city schools with at least one class where more than 90% of students failed a state exam dropped last academic year from 193 to 142.

“We are on a positive trajectory in really taking on that issue,” he said.

Carranza also argued against excessive emphasis on state testing results. :rolleyes:

“I would also just caution parents that test scores should not be the only indicator they look to in terms of how their students are doing,” he said. “Social emotional learning, climate and culture, opportunities for extended learning — the list goes on and on.”

Asked about conditions in schools with crippling state exam failure rates, Carranza urged parental increased participation.

“Come into school,” he said. “Meet the teacher. Have a conversation with the principal.”

Overall, 47.4% of city students in grades three to eight scored at proficient levels in English and 45.6% made the grade in math last academic year, according to the DOE.

The city’s overall English proficiency rate nudged up by 0.7% from the previous year and math scores hiked by 2.9%, the numbers show.

In math, Asians led the way a 74.4% proficiency rate, followed by whites at 66.6, Hispanics at 33.2 and African Americans at 28.2.

Asian kids also scored highest in English with a 67.9% proficiency rate, followed by whites at 66.6, Hispanics at 36.5 and blacks at 35.