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12-13-2019, 04:55 AM

Family of woman killed in 2002 outraged at convicted murderer's possible release
Updated 1:02 a.m 12/13/19


Durham, N.C. ó Right now, Gregory Lee is in prison.

He was convicted in 2006 of murder for his role in the 2002 killing of 89-year-old Lois Cannady, and was sentenced to life in prison.

Cannady's family is now fearful Lee may soon be released. They met with the county district attorney Thursday, and say they are outraged at what could happen going forward.

"Iím the one that found my grandmother three minutes after the murder," said David Cannady, the victim's grandson.

Cannady was killed in her Durham home back in 2002 during a robbery. Her family said they were told one of those involved, Lee, could be let out of life sentence and become a free man as early as this month, with a new deal.


"Itís very tough for me to even think a cold-blooded murderer is going to get out in the street," Cannady said.

The victimís family said they met Thursday with Durham Countyís District Attorney, Satana Deberry.

"I hope the court does not let them out, I really do," Cannady said. "I hope that the judge has gotten better sense then to let someone like that out. Or even think about it."

The family said they were told by Deberry the Motion For Appropriate Relief, or MAR, could be filed by Leeís attorney soon. The family said the DA told them the claim is that the original trial nearly 20 years ago wasnít handled appropriately, and Deberry wonít retry the case.

Durham attorney Daniel Meier explained what an MAR is about.

"With a Motion for Appropriate Relief, itís something you file to essentially correct an error or a problem with the judgment or the conviction. Itís outside of an appeal," said Meier, a local attorney who is not involved in Lee's case. "Itís a post-conviction motion to correct either an error or an injustice in the original judgment or original case. Itís incredibly common to seek MARs. To get them granted is very rare."

The DA's office told WRAL a motion had not been filed on Lee's behalf on Thursday. That could change come Friday.