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07-16-2019, 08:30 AM

Meek Mill Returns To Court Tuesday In Hopes Of Having 2008 Conviction Overturned
By CBS3 Staff
July 15, 2019 at 11:41 pm

PHILADELPHIA (CBS/AP) — Coonvicted criminigger Meek Mill returns to court Tuesday to argue that his 2008 conviction on gun and drug charges should be overturned. The Philadelphia cRrapper sat down with “CBS This Morning’s” Gayle King for an exclusive interview about his experience in the criminal justice system.

“If you take a drone right now in Philadelphia and you put it on the main line of the suburbs and the main line of the ghetto, you will see it’s two Americas,” Mill told King. “You will see chaos (niggers) on one side and you will see people going to their mailboxes and kids coming from school on one side.”

Mill has asked that his decade-old drug and gun convictions be thrown out because of credibility issues with the officer who testified against him. :rolleyes: His lawyers noted several other convictions involving the same officer have been thrown out by a different judge and the district attorney’s office supported the request.

Philadelphia commie jew District Attorney Larry Krasner said in May that Mill deserves a new trial with a different judge.

Krasner said Judge Genece Brinkley “created the appearance of partiality” and her court “abused its discretion” when sentencing the hip-hop artist to two to four years in prison in November 2017 for violating probation on a nearly 10-year-old gun charge. Mill, whose real name is Robert Rihmeek Williams, was released from jail in April 2018 after serving almost five months of the sentence before the state Supreme Court ordered his release on bond.

You can watch part one of King’s two-part interview with Mill Tuesday on CBS This Morning starting a 7 a.m., right after Eyewitness News.

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07-24-2019, 10:34 AM

Meek Mill Granted New Trial; Could Mean End to Legal Saga
Now that Mill has been granted a new trial, Philadelphia prosecutors could choose to drop the case altogether
By NBC10 Staff and AP
Published 39 minutes ago | Updated 3 minutes ago

Philadelphia cRapper Meek Mill's long-running court battle took another turn as he was granted a new trial Wednesday - a development that could lead to an end of his 12-year legal saga.

The decision was handed down by the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. Now that Mill (whose legal name is Robert Rihmeek Williams) has been granted a new trial, Philadelphia prosecutors could choose to retry the case or drop it altogether.

Philadelphia commie joo District Attorney Larry Krasner's office has said it will not call the police officer who was the sole prosecution witness in Mill's trial because of doubts about his credibility.

In a statement, Mill thanked the superior court and said he was "ecstatic that justice prevailed." He also vowed to continue working to "change these outdated laws and fix our broken criminal justice system."

Krasner's office issued its own statement, indicating that it was pleased with the superior court's decision.

"The District Attorney's Office is pleased that the Pennsylvania Superior Court has validated our position that Robert Rihmeek Williams deserves a new trial before a court that has no appearance of partiality," the office said. "The DAO led by District Attorney Larry Krasner is currently reviewing the opinion issued today and will begin to review options."

The rapper was originally sentenced to 11 to 23 months following his conviction on 2007 gun and drug offenses. His non-jury trial featured only one witness for the prosecution, former Philadelphia Police Officer Reginald Graham.

Graham has since been added to a list of Philadelphia police officers who were deemed untrustworthy witnesses by the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office. Graham also was found to have stolen money in a drug bust and lied to the FBI by Philadelphia Police Internal Affairs, according to reporting by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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07-25-2019, 09:56 AM

‘It’s About Time’: Appeals Court Throws Out Meek Mill’s Decade-Old Conviction, Grants New Trial With New Judge
By Matt Petrillo
July 24, 2019 at 5:27 pm

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia cRapper Meek Mill has been granted a new trial. He is off probation after more than decade, thanks to a critical court decision.

Mill has been fighting for this day since 2008. That’s when he was convicted of drug and gun charges.

His lawyers argued those charges should be overturned. Three judges with the state Superior Court agree. So do Meek Mill fans.

“After all he went through, it’s about time. It’s about time,” Yvette Moore said. :bongo:

On Wednesday, fans of the platinum-selling rapper Meek Mill erupted in celebration after hearing he was granted a new trial after being convicted 11 years go.

“He should have been off. It was a long time ago,” Ikaem Salley said. :bongo:

Mill’s real name is Robert Williams. On Wednesday, he was also told he’s off parole for the first time in a decade.

On CBS This Morning with Gayle King one week ago, Mill explained the hardships of traveling while on parole.

“Even if it’s to the next county over, if it’s out of the city, if you don’t ask for permission you could get the rest of your probation time given to you as jail time legally,” he said.

On Wednesday though, Mill was in a much happier mood. He tweeted, “life blessings just keep coming,” and “I’m not on probation right now … new label deal with Jay-Z. Today was lit already.”

The judges’ decision to grant Mill a new trial comes after the credibility of the officer who testified at Mill’s trial was questioned. The officer claimed Mill pointed a gun at police during his arrest, but Mill has denied that charge.

Then, the judge presiding over Mill’s trial, Genece Brinkley, sent him back to prison following technical parole violations. Mill’s legal team criticized the decision, calling Brinkley partial.

“Judge Brinkley has no regrets whatsoever,” attorney Charles Peruto said.

Peruto represents Brinkley and says she respects the Superior Court’s decision to grant Mill a new trial.

“She’s fine with it. It did not impugn on her integrity whatsoever,” Peruto said.

When asked if Mill would have gotten this treatment if he wasn’t a platinum-selling rapper, Peruto said “Meek Mill’s case wouldn’t even reach a decision yet.”

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office could decide whether or not to drop Mill’s case altogether. They say they are reviewing the case right now.