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The Bobster
06-07-2019, 12:48 PM

Times Square terror plot suspect is lone wolf from Queens
By Larry Celona and Emily Saul
June 7, 2019 | 8:25am | Updated

Ashiqul AlamAshiqul Alam

A Queens man is facing federal charges for allegedly plotting to shoot up Times Square — and wanted to target politicians in New York and Washington, DC, sources told The Post Friday.

Ashiqul Alam, 22, allegedly discussed buying suicide vests and hand grenades — but opted instead to shoot up the Crossroads of the World, sources said.

The Jackson Heights resident, who has been under investigation for months, also considered attacking politicians in New York and DC, sources added.

Alam was nabbed Thursday by the Joint Terrorism Task Force after allegedly trying to buy guns with the serial numbers removed, sources said.

Sources said he acted alone and shot video of Times Square in preparation.

An indictment charging the man will be unsealed later Friday morning ahead of his arraignment in Brooklyn federal court in the afternoon, sources said.

The Bobster
06-28-2019, 10:39 AM

‘Looney Tunes terrorist’ in plea talks over foiled Times Square plot
By Emily Saul
June 27, 2019 | 2:01pm

The “Looney Tunes terrorist” is already in plea talks with the government following his foiled plot to shoot up Times Square, according to a federal prosecutor.

Ashiqul Alam pleaded “not guilty” Thursday to an indictment charging him with possessing a firearm with an obliterated serial number. Assistant US Attorney Jonathan Algor told the court both sides “have begun plea negotiations.”

Alam, 22, allegedly underwent Lasik eye surgery first because he worried that if he bungled the shooting he’d be dubbed the “Looney Tunes Terrorist” or “Blind Terrorist,” according to federal charging documents.

“Let’s say we are in an attack, right, say that my glasses fall off. What if I accidentally shoot you?” Alam is quoted as telling an undercover law enforcement officer in the filing in the Brooklyn federal court filing. “You know what I mean? Imagine what the news channel would call me, the ‘Looney Tunes Terrorist’ or the ‘Blind Terrorist.’ ”

The Queens man was arrested earlier this month following months of plotting an attack with informants and undercover agents.

Prosecutors say he originally planned to buy suicide vests and hand grenades, but eventually settled on attacking Times Square.

Alam’s lawyer, Deirdre von Dornum, declined to comment on her clients behalf as she left court with his family, who also declined to speak.

He’s due back in court July 18, and remains held without bail.

The Bobster
07-19-2019, 02:37 PM

‘Looney Tunes terrorist’ Ashiqul Alam attacked in prison: attorney
By Emily Saul
July 18, 2019 | 7:50pm

The self-proclaimed “Looney Tunes terrorist” appeared in court Thursday sporting a black eye, as his attorney explained he’d been the subject of a jailhouse beat-down.

“My client was attacked,” defense lawyer James Darrow said of 22-year-old Ashiqul Alam, who’s been held at the Metropolitan Detention Center since his arrest last month. “He has a chipped tooth and a black eye.”

Darrow told Brooklyn federal court Judge LaShann DeArcy Hall that Alam — who was allegedly plotting to shoot up Times Square — has now been put in solitary confinement for his own safety.

Prosecutors say the Queens man initially planned to purchase hand grenades and a suicide vest, but instead opted to purchase a firearm with an obliterated serial number. He allegedly prepared for the attack by undergoing Lasik eye surgery, because he was worried about being dubbed “the Looney Tunes terrorist” if his glasses fell off in the middle of the shooting.

Assistant US Attorney David Kessler revealed Thursday the government has over 30 hours of video of Alam in action, including his purchase of the firearm.

Both sides said plea negotiations continue.