View Full Version : St. Louis County negro beat puppy into a coma with hockey stick

07-18-2019, 04:52 AM

St. Louis County man accused of beating puppy into a coma with hockey stick
Updated Jul 15, 2019



ST. LOUIS (AP/KMOV.com) — A suburban St. Louis man is charged with felony animal abuse for allegedly beating a puppy into a coma with a hockey stick.

The dog's owner Jennifer Logan said she wasn't home at the time the dog named Hazel was injured. She asked to focus on the dog's recovery and not to talk about how it happened.

"I immediately broke down. I was on the phone as the act was actually happening," said Logan.

Logan said the dog was taken to St. Louis Animal Emergency Clinic. Logan said she was asked to pay a bill that she couldn't afford and took the dog home.

Thirty-three-year-old Cartez Spriggs of Riverview was charged with felony animal abuse Friday. He does not yet have a listed attorney. Logan said the man is her ex.

Charging documents say police were called to Spriggs' home for a report of a man beating a dog. Officers found a hockey stick in the front yard and blood stains, then found a puppy lying in a pool of blood.

Court documents state that Spriggs confessed to raising the dog above his head and letting it drop to the ground before he hit it multiple times with a hockey stick.

Police said Spriggs told investigators he was blacked out with rage and couldn't remember how many times he struck the 4-month-old puppy. He also reportedly told police he blamed “stress” for the incident, and that he was an angry person and had been considering harming someone or something for some time.

Spriggs' criminal history in Missouri includes assault, drug possession and distribution.