View Full Version : Coonvicted child masturbating monkey molester exposes himself to girl near school bus stop

07-13-2019, 01:57 PM

Convicted child molester exposes himself to girl near school bus stop, charges say


ST. LOUIS A St. Louis man has been charged with exposing himself to a 13-year-old girl and masturbating in front of her as she walked to her school bus stop.

Calvin Caldwell, 40, was charged Wednesday with felony sexual misconduct involving a child younger than 15.

The girl was walking to her school bus stop in the 3700 block of Gravois Avenue when she observed Caldwell in a vehicle staring at her, according to charging documents. Caldwell's pants were down with a towel covering his midsection.

The girl looked away momentarily, and when she looked at Caldwell again, the towel was removed and his genitals were exposed, charges said. He continued to stare at her while masturbating.

The girl took a photo of his vehicle including the license plate, police said. He was then found in the same vehicle and interviewed by detectives. During the interview, Caldwell admitted to masturbating in the vehicle near the school bus stop, documents say.

Caldwell's criminal history includes convictions of burglary, child molestation, drug trafficking, illegal gun possession, assault and failure to pay child support.