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Family to sue Phoenix PD for $10 million over officers' response to shoplifting incident, police respond
Posted Jun 13, 2019



PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - The Phoenix Police Department will be facing a $10 million lawsuit in connection with officers' response to a shoplifting call.

A notice of claim, which is a precursor to a lawsuit, was filed on Thursday morning.

[WATCH: Family plans to file lawsuit against Phoenix PD over claims of police brutality]

The documents claim that Phoenix police officers engaged in police brutality and civil rights violations.

The claim said the incident happened on May 29 but police said it was on May 27.

[EXPLICIT: Notice of claim filed against Phoenix PD]

According to the claim, Dravon Ames and Iesha Harper, who is five months pregnant, didn't realize their 4-year-old took a doll from the Family Dollar Store at 36th Street and McDowell Road until they were in the car.

The family drove to an apartment complex near 32nd and Roosevelt streets, where their babysitter lived. A police car pulled up behind them with "no sirens or lights," court documents said.

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"We're talking about a little doll that's worth maybe $5 and the horrors that came from the overreaction to that," said former Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, who is representing the family.

That's when the family claims an officer went up to Ames, who was in the driver's seat, pointed a gun at him and said, "I'm going to put a cap in your ass." The officer also said, "I'm gonna shoot you in your (expletive) face," :)the claim said.

Their 4-year-old and their 1-year-old children were in the backseat of the car.

The family claims the officer pulled Ames out of the car, kicked him in the right leg, and punched him in the back. Ames said he wasn't resisting.

[VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: Phoenix police officers under investigation for alleged misconduct]

"He kicked me pretty hard," said Ames. "I'm still limping."

The officer also pointed a gun at the mother and children inside, the claim said.

Ames and Harper claim they were put into handcuffs and that threats with profanity were made.

"They held guns on these little girls," said Rev. Jarrett Maupin, a civil rights activist. "They held guns on these two parents."

Some of the incident was caught on camera, but the family says five to 10 minutes went by from when officers first approached and when people started filming.

No arrests were made, and no one was charged.

"After this, me and my daughters will never be the same anymore or feel the same for police because it seems like every police is (sic) out for blood or something. We wasn't (sic) really doing anything," said Harper.

The claim says the car was impounded and Ames' injuries, due to the police brutality, are making him unable to work.

"They just tortured this... father sitting next to me," said Maupin.

The money is based on $2.5 million for each family member.

The Phoenix Police Department released more information on Friday and said officers were at the Dollar Store looking into another shoplifting incident when a store employee told them about the stolen doll.

Police said that officer walked toward the car but it drove off. Then a description of the car was broadcast over the radio and officers found it near 32nd Street and McDowell Road.

The police report said officers told Ames and Harper to show their hands. One officer said he drew his gun because Ames "began to reach towards the center of the vehicle between the front seats." Harper refused to show her hands because she had the two children in the car, police said.

Police said Harper was "loud, verbally abusive and refused" the commands of the officers while she was being detained.

Officers didn't mention kicking Ames while his legs were spread.

According to the police report, Ames was interviewed and admitted to shoplifting from the store as well and threw a pair of underwear out the window when he was leaving.

His car was impounded because he was driving on a suspended license, police said. Ames was cited for driving on a suspended license.

The store didn't want to prosecute because both stolen items were returned, and that's why no charges were filed, police said.

When Harper was interviewed, she said she was scared when police told her to put her hands up and didn't know what to do.

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams posted a video to Facebook on Friday afternoon reacting to what happened.

"I, like you, am disturbed by the language and the actions of our officer," said Williams in the video.

She said an internal investigation is underway.

The Bobster
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The money is based on $2.5 million for each family member.

No fambly member is worf $2.5 million.

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Man in Phoenix arrest video facing 2 charges of assault on an officer from 2018 incident
Posted: 4:34 AM, Jun 18, 2019

https://ewscripps.brightspotcdn.com/dims4/default/dcffa48/2147483647/strip/true/crop/782x440+0+302/resize/1280x720!/quality/90/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fewscripps.brightspotcdn.com%2Fd d%2Fd6%2F5ae6aefd48d78689a646a9f2a949%2Fscreen-shot-2019-06-18-at-4.22.19%20AM.png

PHOENIX Two Phoenix Police officers are under investigation and scrutiny worldwide after cell phone video showed them threatening violence, kicking and pointing a gun at a young family.

ABC15 has reported extensively on the viral videos and use of force. Now there is new information emerging about the past of the father whose leg was kicked while handcuffed and the facts that led up to the confrontation.

ABC15 has learned Dravon Ames is currently facing two charges of aggravated assault against an officer, stemming from a 2018 car accident on Halloween in Tempe.

"That case stands on its own. It's last year, and this is now," said Sandra Slaton, an attorney for Ames.

VIDEO: Family involved in controversial video speaks out, calls for justice

The two incidents are separate, and it is unknown if Phoenix police may have known about the prior arrest during the time of their use of force in May. Also, it is unclear how the incident months before impacted the behavior of Ames, who appears to comply the entire time with Phoenix police.

On October 31, 2018, around 5:30 in the morning, Ames was involved in a crash at Rural Road and University Drive.

Officers say Ames was acting strange not answering questions. When they tried detaining Ames, officers said he tried to kick and punch them several times. One officer even wrote that Ames was reaching for his gun.

The report states the officers tased Ames twice in his back, and punched him three to five times in the face.

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Phoenix PD releases surveillance video of shoplifting incident before alleged officer misconduct
Posted Jun 17, 2019


PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - The Phoenix Police Department released the surveillance video from the store where they say a family shoplifted :rolleyes:before critics said officers used too much force and unethical tactics to take them into custody a few miles away.

The video footage is from May 27 at the Family Dollar Store at 36th Street and McDowell Road.

[RAW VIDEO: Surveillance video released of shoplifting incident in Phoenix before alleged officer misconduct]

The surveillance video shows the 4-year-old getting the doll inside the store and showing it to a woman, who is holding some tin foil. While there is no audio, it appears the woman says she can't have the doll.

[WATCH: Activists are calling on Phoenix PD to fire officers involved in alleged misconduct]

The woman then throws the tin foil against the display and walks out.

The girl waits for two other adults and walks out with the doll without paying.

[ORIGINAL STORY: Phoenix police investigating after officers accused of misconduct]

Another camera shows a man, later identified as Dravon Ames, stealing a package of underwear, :ppolice say.

The camera outside the store shows the family leaving and a store employee telling a police officer, who was there investigating a different shoplifting incident, about the stolen items.

[WATCH: What happened before alleged misconduct by Phoenix officers?]

Police said that the officer told Ames, who was driving the car the family was in, to stop. Ames said he didn't hear him, so he kept driving.

[RELATED: Mayor Gallego announces Phoenix meeting about police misconduct allegations]

Court paperwork said Ames threw the stolen underwear out the window.

The family drove to a babysitter's apartment complex near 32nd and Roosevelt streets, and that's where police showed up.

Ames said officers drew their guns and threatened to shoot him. Police said Ames wasn't complying to show his hands and was reaching toward the middle of the car between the two seats.

[VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: Phoenix police officers under investigation for alleged misconduct]

Iesha Harper, who was also in the passenger's seat, said she didn't raise her hands because the two kids were in the back of the car.