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05-10-2019, 07:25 AM

Police identify suspect accused of shooting UNM baseball player
Updated: May 10, 2019 08:16 AM MDT

https://media.krqe.com/nxs-krqetv-media-us-east-1/photo/2019/05/10/Darian%20Rashaud%20Bashir_1557497737836.jpg_870538 96_ver1.0_640_360.jpg https://media.krqe.com/nxs-krqetv-media-us-east-1/photo/2019/05/04/jackson%20weller_1557012939444.jpg_86039411_ver1.0 _640_360.jpg

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - Albuquerque Police have identified the suspect who is accused of fatally shooting UNM student and baseball player Jackson Weller last Saturday in Nob Hill.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for 23-year old Darian Rashaud Bashir and are now searching for him. They say a surveillance video from the night of the shooting at Imbibe shows a man wearing a backward baseball cap approaching Weller as he pulls something from the area near his waistband and shoots Jackson.

Authorities say at the time he was fatally shot in the chest, Jackson's hands were open and at his sides.

According to an arrest warrant, friends that were with Jackson at the time of the shooting told police that Jackson was involved in a minor fistfight with several individuals before he was shot. However, authorities say that none of the individuals involved was the shooter.

The shooter was later identified as Bashir following witness interviews and review of the surveillance video. The warrant shows Bashir has an extensive criminal history which includes allegations of previous violent felony offenses.

Bashir was recently released from jail on his own recognizance in a February 2019 felony case involving firearms. That case remains pending.


Jackson Weller (Courtesy of UNM)