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The Bobster
04-23-2019, 12:38 PM

Hero Easter Bunny in Viral Florida Bar Brawl Video Is Wanted in New Jersey
Antoine McDonald leaped to the defense of a woman fighting with a man Sunday night; it turns out he has a lengthy criminal record and an outstanding warrant out of New Jersey
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The Easter Bunny who hopped to the defense of a woman during a caught-on-camera brawl outside a Florida bar over the weekend is a 20-year-old man with a violent past who has an outstanding warrant out of New Jersey, officials say.

Footage of Antoine McDonald as a costumed vigilante jumping in to help a woman outside Orlando's Underground Public House Sunday night went viral when it was posted to Instagram. He is seen pummeling the man with his paws before an Orlando cop on patrol intervenes and breaks up the fight.

It was not clear why the man and woman were fighting, but in the video someone is heard saying “he spit on me." No one was arrested in the case. The bar's night manager told NBC police shook the bunny's hand and let him go.

If only they had known who he was.

McDonald was most recently arrested in Pasco County, Florida, in January for alleged identity theft when officials say he tried to rent a Uhaul using a fake ID. He was a person of interest in a carjacking and two armed robberies in the Sunshine State, and has a "non-extraditable failure to appear warrant out of New Jersey," a spokesperson for the Pasco County Sheriff's office said.

Police in South Brunswick, New Jersey, said Tuesday they were aware of the bunny brawl video and said a warrant had been issued for McDonald in October 2018 in connection with some car burglaries. He never appeared in court and his warrant remains active, police said.

The Tampa Bay Times reports authorities believed McDonald had fled the states after the warrant was issued, possibly to Florida under a fake name. Earlier that year, he was arrested for allegedly harassing a man on social media and spitting at a 7-Eleven employee in South Brunswick as well.

McDonald also had been arrested with two others in two armed robberies within 12 hours in Delaware in 2017, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

His whereabouts weren't immediately clear as of late Tuesday. After the bunny brawl video surfaced on social media, he told several media outlets he was not a violent person.

The Bobster
04-23-2019, 01:17 PM

Suspect in Florida ‘bunny’ beatdown is wanted for burglary
By Natalie O'Neill
April 23, 2019 | 2:41pm

Antoine McDonald, seen in a fight in Florida, is wanted on other charges. Twitter; Pasco County Sheriff's Office

A man captured in a viral video unleashing a comically wild beatdown while dressed as the Easter bunny is wanted on burglary charges in New Jersey.

Warning: Explicit Language

Antoine McDonald, 20, had claimed he hopped in to help a woman who was being attacked by a jerk who spit on her outside of a night club in Orlando, Fla. Sunday. Footage of the bizarre brawl shows McDonald ripping the man off the woman then kicking and punching him repeatedly in the head — all while sporting a fluffy white rabbit costume.

But the bad bunny has a lengthy rap sheet and a history of much worse violence, The Tampa Bay Times reported.

In September, he and an accomplice were allegedly caught on camera burglarizing a car in South Brunswick, N.J.

Cops charged him with burglary and issued a warrant for his arrest — but he allegedly fled the state, according to Tampa Bay Times.

He was also arrested for allegedly pulling two armed robberies on New Years Day 2017 in Dover, Del., police told the paper. And he was recently named a “person of interest” in a carjacking and two armed robberies in Pasco County, Florida, cops said.

No arrests were made in the Florida beatdown. Before the brawl broke out, McDonald said he wore the Easter bunny costume to a comedy show with friends.

“I am the type of person to avoid fights by any means necessary, but in that situation, I would fight any day,” he told the local station WKMG.