View Full Version : Negro Football Player Has Started Trend Against White Players

Captain Pancakes
09-20-2017, 12:50 PM

Michael Bennett, the Seatle Seahawks player who has just signed a $30 million NFL contract has taken the protesting too far. As well as just kneeling down during the national anthem, which is his right to do, no matter how disrespectful others might see it as. He has now taken to starting a new trend when tackling white players.

Each time he sacks a player (only while players, mind you) he raises his fist in a “black power” salute. This is a racist and ethnocentrist sign that is all about the supremacy of one race. By doing it when tackling only white players, he is making a racist statement that has no place on the football field.

Consider if a white player made a hand gesture that signalled race supremacy every time he tackled a black player, perhaps the Heil Hitler salute? Would there be any question of its inappropriateness? Or would it be shot down by every area of the media and a full apology demanded?

These protests are no longer about racial equality, don’t be fooled. They are about hate, division and power. And every American needs to stand up to this regardless of skin color. Withhold your hard earned money from those who push hatred and division.



The Bobster
04-04-2019, 08:31 AM
https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/sports/csn/eagles/Felony_charge_dropped_against_former_Eagles_DE_Mic hael_Bennett_PHI-508069662.html

Felony Charge Dropped Against Former Eagles DE Michael Bennett
By Dave Zangaro
Published Apr 3, 2019 at 4:31 PM | Updated at 4:43 PM EDT on Apr 3, 2019

Michael Bennett is having a good week. :mad:

First, the Patriots gave him that new contract he wanted. Now, Harris County, Texas, has dropped that felony charge for allegedly injuring a 66-year-old paraplegic woman on Feb. 5 after Super Bowl LI in Houston.

According to court records, the motion to dismiss the case stated: "Probable cause exists, but case cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt at this time." :mad:

This end a year-long saga that began shortly after the Eagles acquired Bennett in a trade and ended after they traded him away. Bennett, now 33, played the entire 2018 season with this charge hanging over his head.

Vivian King, the chief of staff for Harris County DA Kim Ogg, said the following in a statement to the Houston Chronicle:

"After looking at all the evidence and applying the law, a crime could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. There was probable cause to warrant a charge initially, but after a careful review of all the pre-charge and post-charge evidence, we cannot prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt."

This has seemed like a likely outcome from the jump, despite the harsh and grandstanding :rolleyes: words of Houston police chief Art Acevedo when charges were announced. Despite enough hard evidence, Acevedo called Bennett "morally bankrupt" and seemed keen on making an example of a high-profile NFL player.

Bennett's high-profile attorney, Rusty Hardin, remained adamant about his client's innocence, telling NBC Sports Philadelphia last year that Bennett "just didn't do it."

Arraignment dates were pushed back multiple times for different reasons over the last year. Now, the long saga is over.