View Full Version : Missouri WF, 68 moved to Belize to retire in 2017 dead from 'tramatic asphixia' by 3 colored boys

09-04-2018, 02:22 PM

Two 18-year-old men and a boy, 16, are arrested for 'murdering' a Missouri woman, 68, in a suspected botched robbery in the Belize town where she had retired

Sherris Stringham, 68, a Missouri native, was found dead late Friday in Belize
The former school bus driver had moved from Missouri to Hopkins, Belize, to retire in 2017
She was reported missing on August 27 and police found her home ransacked
Her missing SUV was found abandoned several days later
Updated: 12:56 EDT, 4 September 2018

Three people have been arrested and charged with murder in the death of a Missouri woman who retired to the coast of Belize.

Sherris Stringham, 68, a native of Blue Springs, Missouri, was found dead late Friday near a river in Pomona, Belize, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) from where she lived in the Caribbean village of Hopkins, police spokeswoman Hortence Hernandez said in a statement Monday.

Police said that Stringham was reported missing August 27, and her vehicle was found abandoned on August 30, hundreds of miles away in the Orange Walk district in the northern part of Belize.


Authorities said that it appeared that her car had been taken for a joyride and that the people who stole her car attempted to set it on fire, 5News reported.

After locating the SUV, authorities said that the three suspects two 18-year-old men and a 16-year-old minor, all from Hopkins took police to Stann Creek Valley Road on Friday night, where Stringham's body was said to have been found beneath a bridge, according to Channel 5 Belize.

Authorities arrested and charged the teenagers in connection with Stringham's death. The suspects were arraigned on Monday and remanded to prison.

https://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/newpix/2018/09/04/14/4FB054F100000578-6127819-image-a-13_1536069536160.jpg https://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/newpix/2018/09/04/14/4FB054E800000578-6127819-image-m-12_1536069522299.jpg
Authorities arrested and charged Anthony Nunez (left) and Wilhem Nunez, both 18, in connection with Stringham's death. A 16-year-old has also been arrested and charged

Channel 5 Belize reported that the three suspects allegedly went to Stringham's home to rob it and discovered that she was inside. They then allegedly stole what they wanted and killed her because she could identify them.

The Kansas City Star reported that Stringham was a native of Blue Springs, Missouri, which is on the eastern outskirts of Kansas City.

Stringham's children said that she had moved to Hopkins, Belize, in 2017, following her retirement after two decades of driving a school bus and working at a grocery store.

In a GoFundMe page, set up to fundraise for a private investigator prior to the discovery of her death, Stringham's daughter, Jacey Boggs Faulkner, wrote that Stringham had not been seen or heard from since August 25, unusual since Stringham texted her two children daily.

Breaking Belize News reported that a post-mortem exam revealed Stringham's cause of death to be 'tramatic asphixia,' with multiple ribs and sterna punctures to the chest.

Authorities named two of the suspects as Anthony Nunez and Wilhem Clayton Nunez, both 18 years old. The 16-year-old suspect has not been named.

No motive has been confirmed, but robbery was suspected.

Stringham's friends in Belize said that when Stringham failed to show up for a planned outing on August 26, they went to her rental home and saw that it appeared to have been ransacked, her wallet was empty and her car was missing.