View Full Version : Coon arrested after diving into trashcan headfirst while running from police in Fairfax Co., VA

08-30-2018, 06:48 AM

Man arrested after diving into trashcan headfirst while running from police in Fairfax Co.


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Authorities say they arrested a man in Fairfax County after he dove headfirst into a trashcan while running from police Wednesday.:p

Fairfax County Police say they were chasing Keevin Allen through a neighborhood when he jumped into a trashcan at a woman's home. Officers say their police dog caught Allen by the foot, which was still sticking out of the trashcan, and they convinced him to open the can's lid and surrender.

“Watching this officer's calm, professional handling of this scary situation was very reassuring." Cathy Daniel, the woman who lived at the house, said in an email. "I observed the officers' actions and demeanor while restraining and handcuffing the man, and it was polite and professional."

Police say Allen and accomplice Kerry Howard Jr. were both due in court Wednesday after they tried to getaway from a traffic stop two weeks ago. Allen was charged with charged with obstruction, false identification to law enforcement, possession with intent to distribute marijuana and served with two active warrants. Howard was charged with driving on a revoked license, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, and eluding.