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The Bobster
02-27-2015, 08:51 AM

Housekeeper Kidnapped, Burned, Beaten Inside Home: NYPD
By Brynn Gingras
Published at 9:49 PM EST on Feb 26, 2015


A New York City couple allegedly kidnapped and tortured their housekeeper inside their home when they thought she was stealing from them, then drove to her home and ransacked the place while holding her at knifepoint, police sources say.

Devanand Lachman, 32, and Ambar Lachman, 31, have been arrested on felony assault, felony kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment charges, police said.

Sources said the couple, who live in Bayside, Queens, believed their maid, 54-year-old Daisy Machuea, stole money and jewelry from them. When she went to clean their home the afternoon of Friday, Feb. 13, Devanand Lachman and another man allegedly burned her with a plumber's torch and repeatedly hit her on the body with an object, according to police and the victim.

Machuea told NBC 4 New York through her friend and housemate, Oscar Ramirez, who translated from Spanish for her, "They kept punching, one guy this side, the other guy the other side."

Ambar Lachman then came into the house, and the three suspects put Machuea into a car and drove to Machuea's home on Long Island, Machuea said.

Ramirez said he was watching TV when the suspects knocked on the door. He opened it to find the couple and their accomplice holding a knife to Machuea's throat and demanding their valuables, he told NBC 4 New York.

"The guy told me, 'If you move, the other guy will kill her," said Ramirez.

Ramirez said they stole their cellphones and ransacked the home.

The suspects eventually left and that's when the victims called police. Both went to the hospital, and Machuea was treated at a local hospital for burns to her face and legs, in addition to bruising to her body, according to police.

Attorney information for the Lachmans wasn't immediately available. Devanand Lachman remains behind bars while his pregnant wife has posted bail.


The Bobster
08-21-2018, 04:16 PM

Man who burned soles of housekeeper’s feet gets 10 years
By Georgett Roberts
August 21, 2018 | 6:46pm

Devanand Lachman
Ellis Kaplan

A Queens man who admitted to burning the soles of his housekeeper’s feet because he thought she stole from him tried to worm out of being sentenced Tuesday by saying he wanted to stay out of prison long enough to see his 5-year-old go to kindergarten next month.

But the judge wasn’t buying it and gave defendant Devanand Lachman 10 years behind bars.

“You are not getting any more adjournments,” Judge Robert Kohm told Lachman, noting that he was originally scheduled to be sentenced in November and the case had already been delayed several times.

Lachman, 35, and his wife took a plea deal for kidnapping their housekeeper after accusing her of stealing a gold chain and cash Feb. 13, 2015.

Lachman and another man attacked Muchuca when she came to clean their home, beating her and burning her feet with a welding blow torch.

Lachman’s wife, Ambar, looked on as Muchuca was beaten, telling her to confess where she allegedly hid their stolen belongings. Ambar then took the victim’s keys and went to her home to search for her things.

In court, Devanand’s lawyer, Todd Greenberg, asked for the sentencing adjournment so that Devanand could see his son’s first day of kindergarten in September. :rolleyes:

“I’m sorry for what happened. I do apologize,” said Devanand, who pleaded guilty to kidnapping, burglary and assault, to the unmoved judge.

Ambar was sentenced to five years probation as part of the couple’s September plea deals. She copped to charges of kidnapping and imprisonment.

“The female defendant aided her husband in this heinous crime,” said Queens DA Richard Brown.