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06-27-2013, 08:25 AM

Correction official charged with ordering brutal beating of Rikers inmate
Last Updated: 5:32 AM, June 27, 2013
Posted: 12:41 AM, June 27, 2013

A high-ranking Department of Correction official ordered the beating of a Rikers Island inmate who gave him a dirty look, authorities said yesterday.

Eliseo Perez Jr., who resigned as assistant chief of security after the incident, was charged along with nine other correction officers.

Inmate Jahmal Lightfoot, 28, suffered broken bones around both eyes, a broken nose and other injuries when he has assaulted by a crew of jailers “the size of NFL linemen” who held him down and stomped on his head and testicles, Bronx prosecutor Lawrence Piergrossi said in court.

ELISEO PEREZ JR. - In court yesterday.

JAHMAL LIGHTFOOT - After beating at Rikers.

Piergrossi said Perez demanded that his subordinates beat Lightfoot after the con locked eyes with him during a July 11 search at the maximum-security George R. Vierno Center.

“This guy thinks he’s tough. When you get him down to intake, I want you to kick his f--king teeth out,” Piergrossi quoted Perez as saying.

Capt. Gerald Vaughn echoed, “Yeah, I want to see his teeth on the floor,” before Capt. Michael Pollard went to oversee the beating, Piergrossi said.

After Lightfoot was taken to Bellevue Hospital, all 10 defendants filed bogus reports to justify the beating, with Correction Officer Alfred Rivera falsely claiming that Lightfoot had slashed him with a homemade knife, officials said.

Yesterday’s indictment followed a suit that Lightfoot filed earlier this year after slapping the city with a $5 million notice of claim. He’s currently serving four years for stealing a handbag.

Lightfoot’s lawyer, Sanford Rubenstein :Anti-Z:, said the beating was part of a “systemic problem,” adding: “It is imperative that the Justice Department come in and move to have a federal monitor appointed to oversee the prison at Rikers Island.”

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06-08-2016, 09:44 AM

Rikers guards found guilty of beating inmate, failed coverup
By Emily Saul
June 7, 2016 | 7:47pm

Jahmel Lightfoot

A Bronx jury convicted five New York City correction officers Tuesday in the brutal 2012 beating of a Rikers Island inmate for looking at a officer the wrong way and a failed attempt to cover it up.

Eliseo Perez, Alfred Rivera, Tobias Parker, Jose Parra, and David Rodriguez face up to 15 years in prison for their beat-down of prisoner Jahmel Lightfoot after the inmate gave Perez — a high ranking officer — a dirty look during a routine search.

After a 12-week trial and four days of deliberations, the officers were found guilty of first-degree Attempted Gang Assault, first-degree Attempted Assault, second-degree Assault, first-degree Falsifying Business Records, first-degree Offering a False Instrument for Filing and Official Misconduct.

Perez, formerly Assistant Chief for Security, ordered the attack on Lightfoot in the intake area at the George R. Vierno Center.

Perez told his subordinates, “This guy thinks he’s tough; when you get him to the intake area, take him to a separate pen and knock his f—-ing teeth out,” according to witness testimony.

The jury acquitted a sixth officer, Jeffrey Richard, who was not directly involved in the beat-down.

Lightfoot suffered broken bones around both eyes, a fractured nose and other injuries when he has assaulted by the crew of jailers in a search pen with no surveillance footage and obscured by a sheet.

Described by prosecutors as men “the size of NFL linemen,” the correction officers held him down and stomped on his head and testicles.

After Lightfoot was taken to Bellevue Hospital, all 10 of the original defendants filed bogus reports to justify the beating, with Rivera falsely claiming that the inmate had slashed him with a homemade knife.

Lightfoot, 31, was serving four years for stealing a handbag. He was released from prison in 2014.

Captain Gerald Vaughn and Correction Officers Harmon Frierson and Dwayne Maynard opted for a bench trial, and Bronx Supreme Court Justice Steven Barrett has indicated he will and down a decision this Friday.

Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association President Norman Seabrook :p derided the decision, calling it “unjust.”

“Today’s verdict is an absolute travesty and yet another example of how Correction Officers are treated differently and disrespected for doing the job they are sworn to do – protect New Yorkers,” Seabrook said in a post-verdict statement.

“We wonder if it is even possible for these officers to receive a fair trial given that the powers that be regularly use Correction Officers as a scapegoat for decades of mismanagement at Rikers,” the union head added.

“A Bronx jury has sent a clear message that a uniform and a badge does not absolve anyone from committing a crime, and that even a criminal behind bars deserves to be treated like a human being,” Bronx DA Darcel Clark said.

The five are scheduled for sentencing Sept. 6.

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09-17-2016, 07:38 AM

Six Rikers guards sentenced for 2012 beating of inmate
By Reuters
September 17, 2016 | 1:59am

Six Rikers Island guards were sentenced Friday to prison for the 2012 beating of an inmate that left him with fractured eye sockets and a broken nose.

It was one of the highest-profile prosecutions brought against Rikers employees in recent years as city officials worked to combat the violence and corruption that have plagued Rikers for decades.

Bronx Supreme Court Justice Steven Barrett handed the longest sentence, 6¹/₂ years, to Eliseo Perez, 49, who was an assistant chief for security at the time of the attack.

Perez told inmates, “Somebody’s leaving in an ambulance tonight,” before the beating on July 11, 2012, according to prosecutors. Then Perez and a captain, Gerald Vaughn, ordered several officers to assault Jahmal Lightfoot to send a message to other prisoners.

Vaughn, 49, was sentenced to 5¹/₂ years.

Barrett imposed 4¹/₂-year sentences on officers Alfred Rivera, 47; Tobias Parker, 46; Jose Parra, 47; and David Rodriguez, 41.

Two others, Harmon Frierson and Dwayne Maynard, were convicted in June of misconduct for helping to cover up the attack. They avoided prison on Friday and were each sentenced to 500 hours of community service.

“I hope these sentences will deter those who think a uniform and a badge give them license to brutalize inmates or cover for officers who do,” Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark said.

A ninth guard was acquitted at trial, while a 10th charged in the attack has yet to face trial.

It was one of the highest-profile prosecutions brought against Rikers employees in recent years as city officials worked to combat the violence and corruption that plagued the jail for decades.

09-17-2016, 08:11 PM
Guards sentenced in Rikers prisoner beating case (http://bronx.news12.com/news/guards-sentenced-in-rikers-prisoner-beating-case-1.12327108)

08-10-2018, 01:04 PM

‘Traumatized all over again’: Woman distraught over city’s $3.9M settlement with her attacker
Posted 8:47 PM, August 2, 2018


A 51-year-old mother of two has been reliving a nightmare since the city awarded the man who brutally robbed her at gunpoint a multi-million dollar settlement.

PIX11 is concealing her identity because she's still afraid, years after the 2010 attack. She was walking to the Morris Park train station in the Bronx when Jahmal Lightfoot approached her from behind and robbed her.

Lightfoot was arrested and, while at Rikers, was beaten by several correction officers. Five guards were convicted on assault charges and Lightfoot wont a $3.9 million settlement from the city.

His victim believes the settlement is an injustice.