View Full Version : A first: Daytona Beach kwops use drone to find spook on roof after 2-hour coon hunt

08-02-2018, 05:28 AM

A first: Daytona Beach police use drone to find man on roof after 2-hour search



Police officers in Daytona Beach made their first-ever arrest using a drone Wednesday when they found a man accused of attempted burglary hiding on a roof, a department spokeswoman said.

Officers first saw 23-year-old Anthony Rivers Jr. just before 3 a.m. pacing around a backyard pool on North Oleander Street, according to his arrest affidavit. As they prepared to approach him, Rivers saw them in full uniform and started running, jumping over a 15-foot fence into the next property, an officer later wrote.

It took officers about two hours to find him again, records show. In the meantime, they found a neighbor who said someone just broke a glass panel on his door, and than he saw Rivers pacing around his backyard, records show.

Suddenly officers heard a loud crash from the lot Rivers had jumped into, police said. They spotted Rivers, who climbed onto the roof of a shed and jumped across to the roof of a home, police said.

Officers turned on a drone to better keep track of Rivers and eventually brought a ladder so he could climb down. They arrested him as soon as he was close enough to grab, the video shows.