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07-16-2018, 04:51 AM

Former NHL goaltender Ray Emery has died, according to police.
Hamilton Police confirm via their Twitter account that Emery’s body was found around 2:50pm Sunday in Lake Ontario, in the Hamilton Harbour. He was 35.

Police say Emery had gone swimming early in the morning with friends in the water near the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club. Around 6am, Emery went under and did not resurface.
Emergency responders were called when Emery failed to reappear, resulting in a heavy police presence in the area.


Personal life
Emery was involved in many on-ice fights during his hockey career, as well as off-ice altercations that include criminal charges, road rage incidents, recreational drug use[70] and anger management incidents. In particular, during his tenure with the Ottawa Senators, there were multiple incidents published in the news.[71] Emery had a series of indiscretions, including a missed flight in the playoffs, fights with teammates in practice, including a physical altercation against teammate Brian McGrattan, arriving late to practice on numerous occasions and throwing "temper tantrums" where Emery had a stick-smashing rage incident at practice because he wasn't getting as much ice time as Martin Gerber, as claimed by coach John Paddock.[72]

In 2007, Ottawa Senators coach John Paddock told press that Emery was displaying erratic behaviour, was sent home (missing most of training camp) and threw a mini tantrum at the end of their morning skate.[73] Emery was said to be involved in a bad crowd and recreational drugs. When asked by ESPN, Emery stated, "I'm not a saint and I'm not in jail, either."[74]
In January 2009, video surfaced and went viral of Emery assaulting a team trainer for trying to place a hat on his head.[75][76] Emery said he took anger management classes in the minor leagues and underwent eight weeks of behavioural counselling.[72][71]

In June 2010, Emery began dating Canadian singer Keshia Chanté. Emery starred as the love interest in Chanté's Test Drive Music video. In June 2016, Emery proposed to Chanté on her birthday with friends in Nassau, Bahamas. Emery and Chanté were set to wed in June 2017. However, simultaneously with the release of her cover on Today's Bride, Chanté announced that she called off the wedding via her Instagram.[77] On September 18, 2017, Emery was arrested for assault with a weapon and uttering threats towards Chanté, after she went to authorities seeking a restraining order. TMZ reported that Emery got violent and threatened Chanté, allegedly abusing her several times from July to September 2016.[78]
Emery was a boxing fan and included Joe Frazier, Bernard Hopkins and fictional Rocky Balboa on his helmets.[75] Emery also had an image of boxer Mike Tyson on his helmet, which he was later forced to remove.[79]
Vehicular incidents

In March 2007, Emery was charged in a minor crash heading to the airport, forcing him to miss a team chartered flight to a road game.[71] In September 2007, Emery had a much publicized road-rage incident with a 65-year old senior citizen where he was accused of allegedly threatening to kill him and cutting him off on the highway. No charges were laid.[72][80]
In February 2008, Ottawa police had pulled over Emery, who was driving his Hummer and allegedly cut off a police cruiser. Police said Emery was aggressive with officers. In March 2009, Emery was charged for stunt driving for having gone over 50 km/h or more over the post speed limit. Police impounded Emery's Hummer. Emery appeared on TSN's Off the Record with Michael Landsberg, saying that, at the time, his Hummer was pulled over at least 30 times in the previous years.[81]

On July 15, 2018, Emery went swimming with several friends at the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club in Hamilton, Ontario. He went for a dive and did not resurface. His body was found later in the day by Hamilton Police.[82]


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Funny..I wake up, read the local news w/ my coffee and this rockfish is the lead story:


Former NHL Goalie Ray Emery Drowns In Canada
July 15, 2018 at 2:33 pm


LOS ANGELES (AP) Former NHL goaltender Ray Emery has drowned in his hometown of Hamilton, Ontario. He was 35.

Hamilton Police said Emery was identified as the victim of the swimming accident Sunday morning. Staff sergeant Paul Evans said police received a call just after 6 a.m. that an adult swimmer did not surface and that the Niagara Police assisted in the recovery effort.

Emery’s body was recovered just before 3 p.m. Sunday. Hamilton Police said a cause of death would be confirmed after a post-mortem.


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