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The Bobster
03-28-2018, 02:05 PM

This is the ‘violent’ deportee who escaped ICE custody
By Larry Celona, Shawn Cohen and Bruce Golding
March 28, 2018 | 12:57pm | Updated

Mohamadou Lamine Mbacke

A “violent” immigrant :mad: deportee with a string of weapons convictions is on the loose following a daring escape from custody in JFK Airport, federal authorities said Wednesday.

Mohamadou Lamine Mbacke, 31, was being deported to his native Senegal when he broke free and hopped into a taxi Tuesday night, according to a spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Three ICE agents were escorting Mbacke — who’s considered a “violent felon” — from Michigan onto a flight bound for Africa when a stupid nigger Transportation Security Administration screener told them to remove his handcuffs at a checkpoint in Terminal 4 around 8 p.m., law enforcement sources said.

As soon as the shackles were off, Mbacke darted away and disappeared among the other travelers, sources said.

The ICE agents spent about an hour searching for Mbacke before notifying Port Authority cops, who reviewed surveillance video and discovered that he made his getaway in a yellow cab, sources said.

Mbacke is 6 feet 3 and about 190 pounds, and was wearing a black or purple shirt, jeans and sneakers. :mad:

ICE urged anyone who sees Mbacke to immediately contact authorities, and warned that members of the public shouldn’t try to apprehend him.

Mbacke, who entered the country legally in 2005, was ordered deported because the crimes he committed violated terms of his visa, ICE spokesman Khaalid Walls said.

03-30-2018, 04:19 PM

Man who escaped ICE in New York arrested in West Loop Starbucks



A man who escaped Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City Tuesday was arrested Friday afternoon at a Starbucks in the West Loop.

Mohamadou Lamine Mbacke, 31, a Senegalese national, was arrested at the coffee shop at the intersection of Adams and Clinton around 1:30 p.m.

Mbacke, who has multiple prior violent convictions and a dozen arrests in New York over a four year period, managed to escape federal custody while in the process of being deported.

Officials said he was about to be put on a commercial fight for his deportation when he took off running. ICE agents had removed his handcuffs to get him through security.

Adding to law enforcement's embarrassment, Mbacke caught a taxi at JFK to complete his escape.

Three days later, a witness said Mbacke was sitting at the Starbucks near Union Station, enjoying a coffee, :pwhen he was approached by undercover officers.

"All of a sudden see seven cops kind of running from the outside into the inside, and they kinda huddled around him. There wasn't any fuss or anything, it was just they all exchanged words with him, they got the handcuffs, and they left in like a group huddle," said Zimbo Gessert, Starbucks employee.

Officials said Mbacke will be returned to New York to face charges related to his escape, followed again by deportation to Senegal.

The Bobster
06-23-2018, 12:17 PM

Man who escaped ICE at JFK airport convicted
By Emily Saul
June 22, 2018 | 11:42pm | Updated

Brooklyn jurors swiftly convicted the Senegalese man who managed to ditch ​immigration officers during a layover at JFK ​airport.

It took the panel a mere 90 minutes to declare Mohamadou Lamine Mbacke guilty Friday. He now faces up to a year in a US jail before being deported to Senegal.

Upon hearing the news, Mbacke sat back in his chair and smiled. :confused:

The 31-year-old made national headlines when ICE officers Scott Hall, Joseph Comaj and Ahmed Lassiter allowed him to wander away to talk to someone he said was a cousin while they sat in Terminal 4 on March 27.

When their backs were turned, he fled. Security footage caught Mbacke’s miraculous escape through the international hub, scrambling up and down four floors before he finally made it into a cab.

He was eventually arrested three days later in Chicago, after fleeing New York on a Chinatown bus, jurors heard.

Defense attorney Jan Rostal argued that her client was innocent of the charges — because he hadn’t officially been in custody at the time of his escape.

She likened the attempt to get Mbacke on a plane to a “back-door deportation” and said proper paperwork hadn’t been filed.

A judge signed a deportation order for Mbacke, who was living in Detroit, in 2015. He has various convictions for weapons possessions and other charges across the US.