View Full Version : Black Woman who released bugs on subway considering plea deal

The Bobster
06-14-2018, 10:23 AM

Woman who released bugs on subway considering plea deal
By Emily Saul
June 13, 2018 | 7:55pm

Zaida Pugh
R. Umar Abbasi

The wannabe actress who unleashed a plague of crickets and worms on a crowded D train in 2016 is mulling a plea deal.

“We’re this close to resolving the case,” defense attorney Ryan Cleary told Brooklyn Judge Michael Yavinsky, as his client, Zaida Pugh, cowered beside him.

The accused bug-hurler remained silent during the brief court appearance, which she spent hiding behind her elbows to avoid photographers.

Pugh terrified straphangers in August 2016 when she released a swarm of 600 insects on a packed, rush-hour train as it was crossing the Manhattan Bridge.

A panicked commuter pulled the emergency break, stranding the chaotic scene in the middle of the bridge for a half hour — without air conditioning. During the melee, the self-described performance artist urinated, according to witnesses and authorities.

Pugh later told The Post the stunt was an effort to bring awareness to homelessness and mental illness. :rolleyes:

“This was to show what homeless people go through and how people treat them,” she insisted.

Pugh is due back in court June 22.