View Full Version : Rabid far-left Governor Cuomo offers legal support to ILLEGAL ALIEN hispanic pizza delivery guy

The Bobster
06-07-2018, 11:12 AM

Cuomo offers legal support to pizza delivery guy detained by ICE
By Ruth Brown
June 7, 2018 | 12:29pm | Updated

Pablo Villavicencio (left) and traitor dago Andrew Cuomo
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Gov. Andrew Cuomo is offering free legal representation to the pizza delivery man who was hauled off by immigration agents while delivering food to a Brooklyn Army base.

Cuomo on Friday railed against the detention of undocumented Ecuadorian immigrant Pablo Villavicencio at Fort Hamilton a week ago — and offered to connect him with the state-run Liberty Defense Project to fight his deportation.

“The detention of Pablo Villavicencio as he was delivering pizza at Fort Hamilton — under the gaze of Lady Liberty — goes against everything we believe in :mad::mad::mad::mad:,” said Cuomo in a statement.

“Detaining a hardworking man :rolleyes:, separating a father from his children :rolleyes: and tearing apart communities :rolleyes: doesn’t make America safe, and a wrong minded immigration policy grounded in bias and cruelty doesn’t make America great … I will fight this outrageous affront to Pablo Villavicencio and to all of us.” :mad::mad::mad:

Villavicencio, who is married to a US citizen and says he’s applied for a green card, was making a routine delivery to the base from a Queens Italian joint when a guard asked for identification and refused to accept his usual IDNYC card.

Fort Hamilton officials then ran a background check on the 35-year-old dad and found he has an outstanding deportation order from 2010 — so he was detained by military police and then handed over to federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The incident became a hot topic for politicians Wednesday when Democratic Bay Ridge Councilman Justin Brannan and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams demanded Villavicencio’s release :mad: — prompting Republicans Rep. Dan Donovan and state Sen. Marty Golden to come out swinging in favor of Fort Hamilton and ICE.