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06-24-2017, 07:48 AM

New York judge still rakes in $175K salary in jail
By Julia Marsh
June 23, 2017 | 9:55pm

Leticia Astacio

A New York judge is raking in $175,500-a-year in her state-taxpayer-funded salary — for sitting in jail.

Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio has been locked up since June 5 for violating her parole for a DWI conviction.

“You’re ruining my f–king life,” Astacio reportedly whined to cops when they found her behind the wheel of her car on the side of the highway around 8:00 a.m. on Feb. 13, 2016.

She reeked of alcohol and refused a Breathalyzer, according to reports. :mad:

Still she got off with a $500 fine, a one-year conditional discharge and an interlock device on her car.

Then in May, the judge overseeing her probation ordered a random alcohol test after a high reading on the interlock device. Astacio wasn’t able to complete the test in a timely fashion because she was in Thailand.

“You’re doing everything to show that you don’t care what happens to your public trust,” Judge Stephen Aronson told his colleague before throwing her in jail for contempt earlier this month.

She’s due back in court in July for her sentencing on the contempt ruling.

Ironically state law protects Astacio despite her behavior.

The same law allows judges to take unlimited sick leave. The lax policy has benefited at least two severely overweight judges. Daniel J. McCullough of Queens was finally forced into retirement earlier this week after failing to show up to work for over three years because his morbid obesity kept him in the hospital and rehab center. All the while he was collecting a $193,000 salary and will still retire with a hefty pension.

Another judge, Elizabeth Shollenberger of suburban White Plains, landed a $175,500 seat— but her 400-pound weight prevented her from being able to climb the three steps to her courtroom bench. She’s on a fully paid, indefinite medical leave.

Shollenberger and Astacio can keep their salaries even though the Office of Court Administration have barred them from handling cases. Only the state’s Commission on Judicial Conduct has the power to remove judges from their posts.

The commission does not comment on probes until and unless a judge is formally disciplined.

Nearly 2,000 people are clamoring for Astacio’s ouster.

“If regular citizens don’t get off easily, why should she?” fumed one person in an online petition.

Astacio was elected to her six-figure post in 2014.

Her attorney did not return a message seeking comment.

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08-03-2017, 12:59 PM

Judge violated probation a day after she was released from jail
By Lia Eustachewich
August 3, 2017 | 2:58pm

Leticia Astacio

An upstate New York judge is on the wrong side of the law – for the third time – a day after being sprung from jail stemming from a DWI conviction, according to reports.

Leticia Astacio, 35, was busted for violating terms of her probation after her ankle monitor registered positive for alcohol July 14 – a day after she was released from Monroe County jail, WHEC reported.

The Rochester City Court jurist had just wrapped up a 60-day sentence for violating probation by failing to appear at a scheduled court hearing because she skipped off to Thailand.

Astacio appeared in court Thursday morning and for arraignment on the probation violation.

Her lawyers denied the charges and asked for a hearing to contest the accuracy of the alcohol-monitoring device, which registered a blood alcohol level of .127 percent, according to WHEC.

Astacio was given an ultimatum – get inpatient drug and alcohol treatment in exchange for admitting she drank while on probation or head back to jail.

The judge was convicted of DWI in August 2016 and sentenced to a conditional discharge for one year, according to the Democrat and Chronicle.

But she was stripped of her judicial duties when she was caught violating probation a first time – by attempting to again drink and drive.

The judge remains free on bail until her next hearing Aug. 24.

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04-25-2018, 11:37 AM

Appeals court recommends ‘DWI judge’ lose bench seat
By Julia Marsh
April 24, 2018 | 7:45pm

A​n upstate judge who encouraged sheriff’s deputies to “shoot” an unruly defendant in her courtroom, then cursed out troopers who arrested her for drunk driving — on her way to work — and after that took a vacation to Thailand instead of attending a hearing on the DWI arrest is finally being recommended for removal from the bench.

Suspended Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio will continue to collect her $187,00-a-year salary until the state’s Court of Appeals rules on her ouster. That could be as late as the fall. But she was less eager to return to court for a follow up hearing on the drunk driving arrest. In May 2017 she jetted off to Thailand instead of attending the hearing over contempt charges for trying to drive her vehicle while intoxicated after her DWI arrest.

Astacio’s troubles started the same month she first took the bench in January 2015, when she refused to recuse herself from the arraignment of a former client, then let an accused thief off with a $50 bail as a “courtesy,” according to a ruling from the state Commission on Judicial Conduct.

“I totally love him. I’m so sad that he’s in jail right now,” she said in open court at the time.

Later that month the judge told sheriff’s deputies​ ​— “tase her,” “shoot her,” and “well, punch her in the face and bring her out here”​ ​— when she heard that a young female defendant was biting and spitting on people on her way to court.

By August 2015 the judge still hadn’t learned how to behave on the bench, the ruling says. She joked that a sexual assault victim had a “case of buyer’s remorse” because the victim was hesitant to sign a statement against her attacker. When a prosecutor didn’t laugh at the crude remark the judge said, “I don’t mean to be inappropriate. I thought that was freakin’ hilarious.”

Off the bench Astacio was nabbed for drunk driving Feb. 13, 2016 when a state trooper tried to give her a Breathalyzer on her way to work.

It was 7:54 a.m.

She told the trooper to “mind his own f—ing business” before blowing a .19. The legal limit is .08.

While locked up for the infraction she tried to use her position as a judge to get out, pleading, “I have court right now.”

Astacio, 36, admitted that she’d “engaged in some misconduct” but claimed that her ouster “was too harsh.”

The judicial conduct commissioners disagreed.

“The totality of respondent’s misbehavior as shown in the record before us demonstrates her unfitness for judicial office,” they said in a ruling released Tuesday.

Astacio’s attorney, Robert F. Julian, said, “I will be reviewing the decision with my client and she will make a decision regarding an appeal shortly.”