View Full Version : Hispanic NJ Town Custodian Jorge Lopez Spots Narcotics Raid, Tips Off His Own Drug Dealer

The Bobster
03-28-2018, 10:24 AM

NJ Town Custodian Spots Narcotics Raid, Tips Off His Own Drug Dealer: Prosecutors
Prosecutors say his alleged drug dealer was the target of the raid
Published 6 hours ago

A town-employed custodian in New Jersey has been accused of tipping off his drug supplier when he noticed law enforcement assembling in a building to execute a narcotics raid, authorities said Tuesday.

Jorge Lopez was authorized to be in the Lakewood building where officers were gathering to move on the search warrant March 16, officials say. He was not authorized to share what he observed, but prosecutors say he dismissed that and immediately told his alleged dealer, the raid target.

Lopez was charged with official misconduct. He was processed on a summons and released pending a future court appearance.

Attorney information wasn't immediately available.