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The Bobster
03-21-2018, 01:08 PM

Prosecutors want hooker to testify in NYPD corruption trial
By Priscilla DeGregory and Bruce Golding
March 21, 2018 | 3:26pm

Gabi Grecko
James Messerschmidt

A hooker who told The Post about having sex with NYPD cops on a private-plane trip to Las Vegas should be allowed to testify that the Brooklyn man accused of hiring her “watched and directed” the action, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Papers filed in Manhattan federal court also confirmed some of the sordid details that The Post first revealed in June 2016, including the role of businessman Jeremy Reichberg during the wild ride.

“He wasn’t really part of the action. He was just like setting it up and watching,” Gabi Grecko said at the time.

“He got serviced for part of the time, but he was mostly just egging it on and saying nasty comments, instructing me what to do sexually.”

“He’d call me a dirty slut while smacking my ass,” she added.

In Wednesday’s court filing, prosecutors opposed a motion by Reichberg, a former fund-raiser for Mayor de Blasio, to bar Grecko from testifying at his upcoming police-corruption trial that he had engaged in sexual activity with her during the February 2013 weekend getaway.

The feds say Grecko, who’s identified only as “Prostitute-1,” is poised to describe how “she engaged in sexual activity with Reichberg on one occasion during the trip, and that he also watched and directed others’ sexual interactions with her.”

“Limiting her testimony to leave out important details and the truth of Reichberg’s role would improperly distort the facts and impede Prostitute-1’s testimony,” prosecutors wrote.

Lawyers for Reichberg and Grecko didn’t immediately return requests for comment.