View Full Version : Spooky ‘Dexter’ ad didn’t cause stick negress's fall: judge

The Bobster
03-27-2018, 01:24 PM

Spooky ‘Dexter’ ad didn’t cause woman’s fall: judge
By Julia Marsh
March 26, 2018 | 6:26pm

Ajanaffy Njewadda
Rehan Nazrali

A Manhattan judge wasn’t buying a Bronx woman’s claims that an ad painted on the Grand Central Terminal stairs for the Showtime serial killer series “Dexter” spooked her so much that she fell and broke her ankle.

“Isn’t there something called taking responsibility for your own actions?” Manhattan Supreme Court Justice (((Shlomo Hagler))) asked the lawyer for trip-and-fall victim Ajanaffy Njewadda during a hearing Monday.

Njewadda sued the MTA, Showtime and the city in 2014 over her June 2013 spill.

Njewadda has said the ad — which depicted “a shocking and menacing face of a Caucasian man [”Dexter”] exhibiting an expression of fear or shock was covered, draped or enwrapped in cellophane.”

“The sight of the photograph startled, shocked and overwhelmed Njewadda, causing her to panic and lose her balance on the steps…resulting in her falling,” she claims in court papers.

But the judge countered that the only case law he could find to buttress her negligence suit involved kids and cows crossing train tracks.

“I’ve never seen a case with adults,” Hagler said in court Monday.

He plans to issue his ruling at a later date, but strongly indicated that he’s going to toss the case.

“This would let the flood gates open,” he said, adding “Let’s say someone sees a rat, someone sees a mouse, someone sees a frightening person — and they fall down. It’s a slippery slope.”