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09-18-2017, 09:00 AM

I failed my drug test because of my weave: de Blasio detail cop
By Shawn Cohen
September 17, 2017 | 7:58pm

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Tracy Gittens

An NYPD sergeant who once worked in First Lady Chirlane McCray’s personal security detail has coiffed-up quite an excuse after testing positive for marijuana — she’s claiming the department mistakenly tested a strand from her human-hair weave.

The hair-brained claim is the latest bid by Sgt. Tracy Gittens to keep her job after a random drug test came up positive for pot and she was pulled from overseeing security at Gracie Mansion, sources tell The Post.

The 13-year department veteran — who has been on paid desk duty in Queens since this winter and is awaiting a departmental trial — insists that when she was tested, technicians unknowingly collected strands of human hair from her weave.

They snipped from the back of her head, where she couldn’t see, sources said she is claiming — and had they tested her actual hair, it would have been clean of drugs.

“She doesn’t smoke marijuana and she’s unaware how it may have gotten into her system :rolleyes:,” one police source told The Post. “That’s why she’s thinking it may have been the weave.”

Other colleagues say it’s tuft to believe. :o

“Oh stop; it doesn’t even pass the laugh test,” scoffed one police source. “That’s one of the lamest excuses I’ve ever heard. What people will do to save their jobs is pathetic.”

Another cop said the sergeant should have said she was wearing a weave at the test site, if she was concerned.

“She should have said upfront that is not my real hair so they could take the hair from somewhere else. I’ve heard every excuse, but those tests are 100 percent accurate and I tend not to believe her story.”

Gittens did not respond to requests to interview; her lawyer, John D’Alessandro, also declined to comment.

She’s not the first cop to attempt a crazy-sounding dodge after testing positive for pot. In 2006, an anti-terror detective, Anthony Chiofalo, claimed his wife had laced his meatballs with marijuana without telling him in hopes that a positive drug test would force him into retirement.

The “spacey meatball” defense failed utterly. Chiofalo was fired; two years later, he lost a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit that claimed the firing was “arbitrary, capricious, unreasonable and unconstitutional.”​

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03-23-2018, 02:39 PM

NYPD sergeant’s ‘weave defense’ for positive pot test goes up in smoke
By Stephanie Pagones
March 22, 2018 | 5:51pm | Updated

Tracy Gittens
Natan Dvir

An NYPD sergeant’s “hair weave” defense — invoked after she tested positive for marijuana while assigned to oversee security at Gracie Mansion — is going up in smoke.

Tracy Gittens has insisted that she tested positive for pot only by accident last year, after technicians unwittingly snipped and then tested strands of human hair weave from the back of her head.

But at an ongoing departmental trial on Thursday, a forensics analyst testified that mitochondrial DNA testing confirms the snipped strands are a match to Gittens.

There is a “95 percent confidence interval” that the snipped strands belong to Gittens or one of her maternal relatives, analyst Gloria Jean Dimick testified at the police headquarters proceeding.

The results also eliminate “99.85 percent of the North American population,” Dimick added.

In cross-examining the analyst, defense lawyer Michael Giordano appeared to reach for a straw, asking if it’s accurate that the results “could not exclude Gittens or any of her maternal relatives equally.”

The analyst answered that it was true — indicating that the snipped hairs could just as likely have come from one of Gittens’ maternal relatives as from Gittens herself.

It was unclear if Gittens intends to claim next that it could have been an aunt or grandmother who was the real culprit — getting high and then contributing the tainted hair to the sergeant’s weave.

Gittens is a 13-year veteran who previously worked in First Lady Chirlane McCray’s personal security detail.

After the positive results from a random drug test, she was pulled from her security post at Gracie Mansion and remains on paid desk duty in Queens pending the outcome of the trial.

Closing arguments are expected Friday.

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03-24-2018, 07:57 AM

NYPD sergeant who blamed failed drug test on hair weave has new excuse
By Joe Marino and Laura Italiano
March 23, 2018 | 11:03pm | Updated

An NYPD sergeant whose positive marijuana test got her booted from the security detail at Gracie Mansion has abandoned her “hair weave” defense — and she’s now claiming she may have gotten high by accident. :rolleyes:

“They haven’t offered any evidence, whatsoever” that Sgt. Tracy Gittens intentionally consumed pot, her lawyer, Michael Giordano, said Friday in closings at her *departmental trial.

Gittens, who previously worked in First Lady Chirlane McCray’s personal security detail, had insisted that lab techs snipped and tested strands from her human-hair weave. The NYPD on Thursday blasted that claim out of the water, with DNA evidence showing the tested hair was Gittens’.

But on the witness stand Friday, Gittens said, “I do not do drugs.”