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Images of dead wife on cellphone lead to murder charge


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Vincent Terry, 47, had previously been charged with attempted murder involving the same woman.

Marion County sheriff’s detectives on Monday arrested a man on second-degree murder after they say multiple photos of his dead wife were found on his cellphone.

Vincent LaSara Terry, 47, was arrested in the death of his wife, Chrystal Anette Terry, 41. He had previously said that she walked away from their home on the night of Dec. 21.

After a relative reported on Jan. 8 that she had not returned home, Vincent Terry was called to the Sheriff’s Office, where he told deputies she had left their home, leaving behind her personal items, and that no one had heard from her since that time.

Because Chrystal was pregnant and needed daily medications, which she did not have with her, the agency declared her to be missing and endangered.

MCSO Major Crimes detectives conducted a search of the couple’s home and found a .22 caliber rifle and 53 rounds of .22 Caliber ammunition. Vincent Terry is a convicted felon and cannot possess any firearms or ammunition.

Detectives also conducted a search of Vincent Terry’s cellphone, on which they found multiple photographs of Chrystal Terry’s dead body, according to an arrest report. The photos — which apparently had been deleted from one location on the phone — showed a nude woman’s body with trauma to face, a lot of blood on the upper part of the body and a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

Detectives said the small amount of blood coming from the wound indicates she may have been shot shortly before or after she died.

Tattoos in the photos matched those belonging to Chrystal Terry.

When confronted with this evidence on Jan. 19, Terry admitted “getting into it” with his wife before she left the apartment and acknowledged taking the pictures to show her how she looked after taking some pills, according to an arrest report. When officials pointed out the gunshot wound in the abdomen, he stopped talking and asked for a lawyer.

Terry had previously been arrested in Colorado on suspicion of trying to kill Chrystal Terry, according to the report. But the attempted murder charged was dropped after she declined to cooperate.

According to the MCSO statement issued Monday, due to the photos on Vincent Terry’s phone, forensic evidence and his past history, detectives arrested him on second-degree homicide.

At the time of his arrest on that charge, Vincent already was in custody at the Marion County Jail on charges of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and 53 counts of possession of ammunition by a convicted felon. He is being held with no bond.



03-07-2018, 04:01 AM

Photos of slain woman found on husband's phone: Sheriff
Tuesday, March 6th 2018

OCALA, Fla. (CBS12) — A man in central Florida is accused of killing his pregnant wife after deputies found photos of her dead body on his cell phone.

Investigators with the Marion County Sheriff's Office arrested 47-year-old Vincent LaSara Terry on a charge of second degree murder for the death of 41-year-old Chrystal Anette Terry.

Mrs. Terry, 18 weeks pregnant, vanished days before Christmas. Her husband reported her missing on Christmas Day, according to the sheriff's office. He said she just walked away from their home in Summerfield a few days earlier and left behind her cell phone, purse, wallet and medication. He told investigators she had a drug problem.

Investigators questioned Mr. Terry and used warrants to search his home and cell phone. Detectives said the phone showed images of a nude white female, laying on the carpet, with facial trauma, blood on her upper body, and a gunshot wound to her stomach. The tattoos shown in the photographs also matched ones shown on Chrystal during her recent booking photos, according to the sheriff's office. Investigators said it appeared someone tried to delete the photos from the phone and access her voice mail messages. Deputies also found a .22 caliber rifle and ammunition in the master bedroom.

The search warrant also revealed "a large amount of blood evidence" in the carpet and sub-flooring in the area depicted in the cell phone photos. The sheriff's office said cadaver dogs alerted deputies to several areas outside, but no body was found.

According to the sheriff's office, investigators showed Terry one of the bloody photographs of his wife. He admitted to taking the picture to show her how she looked when she took pills. He also admitted to getting into an argument with his wife on the night she disappeared. Investigators also said on the night Chrystal disappeared, she had made arrangements to pick up a money-gram at the store the next morning, which was never picked up. She also had a doctor's appointment which she never showed up to.

The sheriff's office later learned deputies in El Paso County, Colorado, arrested Terry in 2014 for the attempted murder of his wife. Deputies there said Terry stomped on her face and choked her until she passed out when she refused to give oral sex to one of Terry's friends. She went to the hospital to be treated for facial fractures. The charges were dropped when Chrystal refused to cooperate, the sheriff's office said.