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The Bobster
02-18-2018, 08:31 AM

Big surge in FDNY personnel on ‘light duty’
By Susan Edelman
February 17, 2018 | 12:40pm | Updated

FDNY firefighters and officers have increasingly been placed on “light duty,” turning New York’s heroes into desk jockeys and go-fers, The Post has learned.

The number of FDNY men and women on light duty fluctuates, but lately has exceeded a staggering 1,100 a day, data show.

“That’s a lot of people sitting around doing desk jobs,” said a stunned FDNY member. “They’re not capable of climbing ladders, using the hose, or rescuing people.”

The FDNY employs about 11,000 firefighters and fire officers, but more and more can’t do their regular jobs.

Last Nov. 2, the FDNY tallied 1,174 on light duty. Between last July and October, the daily average was 946. That’s up 22 percent from a 2014 daily average of 777.

Among firefighters, the number on light duty as of last week: 843. The daily average in 2014 was 575.

The light-duty army includes those recovering from an injury or illness — but don’t need to stay home — those with a lingering ailment, and some pregnant employees. Most aim to return to active duty; some stay on light duty until they retire. They can collect overtime pay, and even moonlight with FDNY permission.

It doesn’t include the 590 firefighters currently home sick or on medical leave, the FDNY said.

Some insiders blame the increase of sidelined Bravest, in part, on FDNY’s lower fitness standards to bring on more minorities and women.

Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro told the City Council this month he wants a firefighter force of more than 50 percent minorities and 15 percent women in 12 years — a sharp increase. :mad: :mad: :mad:

“When you lower the standards, injuries happen,” a member said.

FDNY spokesman Frank Gribbon rejected the accusation.

“Firefighting is a dangerous job, injuries happen to people in all ranks, and it’s outrageous — not to mention racist and misogynistic – to single out people of color or women,” he said. :mad:

More than 75 percent of members on light duty have 10-plus years of service, he said.

Firefighter injuries have risen from 3,152 in 2015 to 3,259 last fiscal year, the FDNY said.

Meanwhile, civilian fire deaths have jumped — from a record low of 48 in 2013 to last year’s 73, Nigro announced last month.

Those on light duty are scattered throughout the city, assigned a variety of tasks — but they can still make overtime pay. :mad:

“You go to headquarters or the medical office, and there’s four or five guys just sitting there, manning a desk,” an insider said. “A lot of these guys are in positions where there’s not much work for them to do. You’re basically just taking up a seat.” :mad:

Light-duty members chauffeur the chiefs. Others do paperwork, deliver mail or supplies, sit at gates — and even pick up food or make the coffee.

“There’s a million menial jobs in the Fire Department,” a member said. “It’s the biggest open secret in the world.”