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01-02-2018, 10:23 AM

Suspect in first NYC homicide of 2018 found hanging from tree
By Shawn Cohen, Reuven Fenton and Natalie Musumeci
January 1, 2018 | 3:48pm | Updated

Robert Stridiron

The Big Apple’s first 2018 homicide victim was a Queens woman found stabbed to death in her apartment — shortly after her husband was discovered hanging from a tree, police sources told The Post.

The victim, 26, whose name was not released, was found face-down with multiple stab wounds to her back inside her Ozone Park apartment at 1:55 p.m. Monday, according to cops.

She lived there with her husband, Vishwanand Loknath, 42, who had made an eerie call to a friend earlier in the day, sources said.

“I’m bad. I want to be cremated. Don’t bury me,” he said before abruptly hanging up, according to a source.

The concerned pal quickly called police and officers were dispatched to the 103rd Avenue home for a wellness check. That’s when they found the wife’s body, with a knife lying nearby, sources said.

Cops from a neighboring precinct had earlier discovered Loknath’s body hanging from a tree on Park Lane opposite Forest Park — less than two miles away from the couple’s home — at around 12:20 p.m., according to sources.

When authorities investigating the hanging arrived at the couple’s home, they ran into officers from the 106th Precinct who were investigating the homicide. Investigators then pieced the murder-suicide together, sources said.

“It’s very shocking for this to happen on New Year’s Day,” an Ozone Park neighbor said. “What a way to start the year.”

Other neighbors described the couple as “nice” and very happy.

“They’re very quiet people,” explained one woman, who didn’t want to give her name. “They’re in and out and don’t bother nobody. Very, very nice people. Nobody will ever tell you that they fight or argue.”

A woman whom friends identified as the victim’s sister was spotted at the scene Monday, sobbing uncontrollably and falling to her knees.

“She got stabbed?” the distraught sibling shrieked.

Neighbors told The Post the young woman who was killed had a baby recently and also had a boy of about 5.

“I was shaken when I heard about this,” said the same woman who requested anonymity.

“The first thing I asked was: Are the kids OK?”

Monday’s homicide investigation marks the second time in three years that a murder unfolded in the Big Apple on New Year’s Day.

In 2016, a 19-year-old woman was found dead in her bedroom in Queens — the victim of a vicious beatdown at the hands of her boyfriend.

Last year, a man in town for his grandmother’s funeral became the city’s first murder victim of the year when he was shot on Jan. 2 during an attempted robbery.

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(Indian migrant? druggie) Queens couple dead in suspected murder-suicide (http://www.***********.com/new-york/queens/queens-woman-found-stabbed-death-home-article-1.3731590)
http://www.newnation.org/Images/2018/VinnyLoknath-and-StacySingh.jpgJust hours after a Queens couple rang in the New Year, the wife became the city’s first murder victim of 2018 — and her abusive husband hanged himself from a tree in a city park. Authorities were investigating the deaths as a murder-suicide after the bodies were discovered about three hours apart on New Year’s Day, police sources said. Stacy Singh, the 26-year-old mother of two small children, was stabbed repeatedly in the back and left face-down in the couple’s Richmond Hill home on 103rd Ave. near 113th St., according to the sources. A knife was found near her body when police arrived around 2 p.m. Her hard-partying husband "Vinny" (aka Vishwanand) Loknath, 46, committed suicide just after 11 a.m. in Forest Park, about 1 1/2 miles from the murder scene, sources said. He was found hanging from a tree in the park. Loknath “was very abusive to her,” said the dead woman’s brother-in-law Romain Shaw. “She stayed with him no matter what because they had two kids together. She was hoping for him to change, but he never did. “He’s such a coward.”
According to Shaw, Loknath was drinking heavily and using cocaine when family members gathered on New Year’s Eve at a Queens restaurant. “He was so drunk, so very drunk,” said Shaw. “He always beat her up when he went home high.” A neighbor said the couple fought constantly, recalling one incident that ended with the battered wife leaving their home in an ambulance.

Indian migrant stabbed his dark Indian wife to death - then hung himself from tree - first for NYC (https://nypost.com/2018/01/01/suspect-in-first-nyc-homicide-of-2018-found-hanging-from-tree/)
She lived there with her husband, Vishwanand Loknath (https://www.google.com/search?q=%22Vishwanand+Loknath%22&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-1), 42, who had made an eerie call to a friend earlier in the day, sources said. “I’m bad. I want to be cremated. Don’t bury me,” he said before abruptly hanging up,
Murder suspect stabs wife to death, then hangs himself, marking first killing in NYC in 2018: Police (http://www.crimeonline.com/2018/01/01/homicide-suspect-hangs-himself-from-a-tree-stabbing-wife-to-death-police/)[/URL]
[URL="http://forebears.io/surnames/Loknath"]Loknath surname is from INDIA (http://www.***********.com/new-york/queens/queens-woman-found-stabbed-death-home-article-1.3731590)
Google image search for Loknath... (https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1190&bih=604&ei=H-5LWpKTD8vh0gKYpYi4Dw&q=Loknath&oq=Loknath&gs_l=img.12..0l10.714.714.0.2607. .1.1.0....0...1ac..64.img..0.1.68....0.PmvDzb7jHwY )

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Cops ID stabbed mom in first NYC homicide of 2018
By Gina Daidone
January 2, 2018 | 3:18pm

Vishwanand Loknath and Stacy Singh

Police have identified the young mother fatally stabbed inside her Queens home — the first homicide of 2018 — before her suspected killer husband committed suicide.

Stacy Loknath, 26 was found dead inside the home on 103rd Avenue near 113th street in Ozone Park around 2 p.m. on New Year’s Day. She was lying face-down with multiple stab wounds to her back, with a knife nearby, cops said.

The body of her husband, Vishwand Loknath, 42, was discovered earlier that day, around 12 p.m., hanging from a tree in Forest Park fewer than 2 miles from their home.

Authorities are investigating their deaths as an apparent murder-suicide.

The couple leaves behind two small children, officials said.