View Full Version : (Black female) NYC officer checking lead paint runs unregistered nonprofit

The Bobster
12-31-2017, 08:53 AM

NYC officer checking lead paint runs unregistered nonprofit
By Melissa Klein
December 30, 2017 | 10:41pm

Edna Wells Handy
Chad Rachman

The bureaucrat appointed chief compliance officer for the city Housing Authority in the wake of a lead-paint-testing scandal has compliance issues of her own.

Edna Wells Handy became responsible for seeing that NYCHA obeys all government regulations when Mayor de Blasio appointed her in November.

But a nonprofit that Handy founded in 2003 in memory of her late husband has never registered with the state as required.

The IRS revoked the tax-exempt status of the Mike Handy Foundation & Fund 2011 after it failed to file required documents.

Edna Handy claims she has filed papers with the state attorney general to dissolve the charity :rolleyes:, but the AG’s Office says it has no record of any such documents.

A NYCHA spokeswoman said, “Edna Wells Handy has demonstrated throughout her career [a] commitment to public service and integrity.” :rolleyes: