View Full Version : Dune coon flight attendant says pro-Trump pilot hit and berated her

The Bobster
12-31-2017, 09:00 AM

Flight attendant says pro-Trump pilot hit and berated her
By Sara Dorn
December 30, 2017 | 5:06pm

A flight attendant says she was bumped and berated by a pilot for challenging his racist, pro-gun, pro-Trump rants before a La Guardia Airport flight.

In a dispute that brought turbulence to both their careers, Sara Nouhaili says Capt. Michael Swanson flew off the handle as they prepared to board a Delta Connection plane on July 24.

“A lot of people are going to die” if President Trump is impeached, Swanson allegedly said. “Me and my buddies are armed and loaded and ready to use our Second Amendment right.”

Nouhaili complained to one of two co-workers also waiting to board the plane, according to her Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.

Swanson overheard her — and allegedly responded by saying “she can get the f–k out” if she didn’t like what he said. He added: “Don’t let the Republican door hit her on the way out,” court papers claim. :p

Then he mocked Nouhaili, whose parents are from Egypt and Morocco, for her race, asking if she is “even American,” court papers said. :D

The feud got physical when the crew boarded the plane. Swanson body-bumped Nouhaili in the aisle, hit her on the wrist with an open hand :rolleyes:, and called her “a real f–king piece of s–t :p,” the lawsuit alleges.

Nouhaili was “reasonably upset” over being manhandled by Swanson, and protested her treatment, her suit says.

She called the Port Authority Police and reported the incident to management of Endeavor Air, her employers and the operator of the Delta Connection flight.

Endeavor apologized publicly after the story went viral.

Neither Nouhaili nor Swanson were charged by police. But they both lost their jobs.

Nouhaili was put on leave that same day while the airline conducted an internal investigation. Endeavor fired her a month later, citing her response to the captain’s remarks, according to the suit.

“All she did was try to get this captain to stop making these disparaging comments about minorities and his response was to physically attack her on a plane,” her lawyer, Brian Heller, told The Post.

“And when she complained, she got fired.” :rolleyes:

Nouhaili, who declined to comment, is seeking $10 million in the retaliation and discrimination lawsuit filed last week.

An Endeavor spokesman said the airline is “dismayed” by Nouhaili’s claims and “has absolute zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind.”