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Murder charges filed against Merrillville man after family fight ends in shooting
Dec 28, 2017


MERRILLVILLE — Police have secured murder charges against a 35-year-old in connection with Tuesday’s double homicide that killed a mother and son.

Robert Stewart, of Merrillville, was charged Thursday with two counts of murder — along with enhancements for using a gun during the crime — in the shooting deaths of Ryan Halbe, 27, and his mother, Candy Halbe, 55, in the 2400 block of West 61st Place, Lake Criminal Court records show.

Police responded at about 9:20 p.m. Tuesday to the home for a report of two people shot. Around the same time, a Crown Point K-9 officer used a police dog to track down Stewart hiding blocks away in a shed.:rolleyes:

In an interview with police, the suspect’s girlfriend told police Stewart lives with the family at Candy Halbe’s 61st Place home. She said Stewart has “issues with abusing alcohol” and “when he drinks, he gets violent,” :bongo:according to court records.

The woman said while out running errands with Stewart and her young son, she questioned Stewart about his drinking, but he denied it, records show. When they returned home, a family argument ensued after an intoxicated Stewart allegedly “forcefully grabbed” and “pushed aside” a young child in the home.

Shortly after Candy Halbe and Stewart’s girlfriend began arguing with him in the basement, Ryan Halbe joined them and grabbed Stewart by the shoulder, prompting Stewart to grab a gun from his waistband, court records show.

The feud erupted in gunfire after Ryan Halbe said to Stewart, “Why you waving a gun around? I don’t want to kick your (expletive).”

As Stewart fled the home, Ryan Halbe bled out onto the floor, records show.

“Dad, I’m dying,” he said, as his mother, Candy Halbe, lay on a nearby mattress, bleeding from a gunshot wound to her stomach.

Ryan Halbe died late Tuesday at Methodist Hospitals Southlake Campus in Merrillville. Candy Halbe died early Thursday at Methodist Hospitals Northlake Campus in Gary.

Witnesses at the scene recall hearing three gunshots and saw Stewart fleeing the home with a gun. A person in the home allegedly had purchased the weapon for Stewart.:confused:


Candy Halbe, 55, died in a double homicide that also killed her son in Merrillville on Dec. 26, 2017


About Ryan Halbe

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BLM charged in Merrillville shooting that killed mother and son