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The Bobster
12-27-2017, 11:07 AM

Lesbian couple, 2 kids found killed in basement apartment
By Yaron Steinbuch
December 27, 2017 | 1:51pm

Police outside the home where four people were found dead in the basement in Troy, NY. AP

Two women and two children were killed in a targeted attack inside a basement apartment in upstate Troy, the city police chief announced Wednesday.

The women, ages 36 and 22, and the 11-year-old and 5-year-old children were targeted, Police Chief James Tedesco said in a televised news conference.

“This is not a random act,” said Tedesco.

Police have not said whether the killer is among the dead or remains at large.

One of the women – who were in a relationship — was the mother of the two kids, he said.

Their names were not released.

“Only a person of savagery would do something like this,” Tedesco added, though he declined to describe the crime scene or say how and when the killings took place.

“I can only ask that if you know anything, please call us,” he said.

The victims were found in a basement apartment at 158 Second Ave. where neighbors said a woman lived with her children and her partner, according to the Albany Times Union.

Police said the property manager found the victims Tuesday afternoon and called police.

City Councilman Mark McGrath earlier said residents should remain aware of their surroundings and be vigilant until all the facts come out.

“I have strong confidence in the Troy detectives and State Police that they’re zeroing in on someone as we speak,” he told the paper.

“The brutal, horrific nature of the crime suggests that this is someone who is psychopathic at the very least,” he added.

The deaths happened in Troy’s Lansingburgh neighborhood, which runs along the Hudson River overlooking housing developments in Cohoes.

Nearby resident Shakeria Jones said one of the victims could be her friend.

“She lives in the basement apartment,” Jones said. “I’ve been calling her all day. She always answers but she hasn’t. I’m worried it’s her. I hope it’s not her.”

DeWolf said detectives and evidence technicians were called to the scene about 12:50 p.m. Tuesday after the property manager made the grisly discovery, according to the Troy Record.

The previous homicide in Troy occurred on March 24, when Dezmon T. Smith, 24, of Brooklyn was gunned down as he got into a :confused: on Sixth Avenue, the paper reported. That case remains open.