View Full Version : PA N*word Accused Of Forcing Women To Be His ‘Sex Slaves’ After Meeting Them On Dating Sites

The Bobster
12-01-2017, 12:24 PM

Pennsylvania Man Accused Of Forcing Women To Be His ‘Sex Slaves’ After Meeting Them On Dating Sites
December 1, 2017 2:09 PM

BETHLEHEM, Pa. (CBS) — A Pennsylvania man is accused of forcing women to be his “sex slaves.”

The Northampton County District Attorney’s Office announced Friday that 30-year-old Seth Mull of Hellertown was arrested and charged with rape, strangulation assault, false imprisonment and other related charges.

Mull was arrested on Oct. 28 by Bethlehem police after responding to a welfare check call of a woman at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel.


Police say the woman’s parents called police after receiving a text message from her indicating she was being abused by Mull at the hotel.

The woman told police that Mull was holding her against her will and forcing her to take drugs. Police say she had visible injuries to her neck and a burn mark from a torch on her back.

According to police, the woman said Mull choked her to the point of passing out and raped her. She also said he threatened her family and friends, and threatened to use her in human trafficking.

The woman said she met Mull through an online dating site.

During their investigation, another six to eight women told Bethlehem police about similar alleged assaults from Mull.

Police say Mull would lure women on sites, such as Plenty of Fish, Tinder, Facebook and BackPage. Investigators say he got aggressive once the women were in his presence, forcing them to take drugs and then raping, assaulting and strangling them.

Mull is also accused of forcing women to be his “sex slaves” and presenting them with a “sex slave contract,” referring to them as “his property” and forcing them to take part in sexual acts.

Police say they found at Mull’s residence illegal steroids, videos, photos, and sexual paraphernalia. They also say Mull accessed human trafficking and sex slave websites.

Authorities have tracked Mull through transportation records to Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Chicago, California and Hawaii. Investigators believe there may be additional victims in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Mull is currently being held at Northampton County Jail under $500,000 bail.