View Full Version : Man convicted of raping boy after landing in jail with victim 35 years later

The Bobster
11-21-2017, 03:01 PM

Man convicted of raping boy after landing in jail with victim 35 years later
By Emma Lake, The Sun
November 21, 2017 | 1:20pm | Updated

Gary Mottershead
Greater Manchester Police

A dad-of-four was unmasked as a rapist after finding himself in the same cell as his victim 35 years later after a bust-up with his wife.

Gary Mottershead had spent more than three decades believing he had got away with raping and molesting a young boy in the 1980s.

But in 2015 the then 50-year-old was detained on suspicion of assaulting his wife and put in the cell where his victim was being held for burglary.

The victim — who cannot be named for legal reasons — realized he was the pedophile who abused him and reported him to a prison guard.

In a statement addressing Mottershead directly, the victim, now 43, said: “I have lived with this all my life and kept it a secret.”

“Prison was the last place I expected you to be and I felt I couldn’t get away from it.”

Mottershead, of Sale — a town 180 miles north west of London — was jailed for six years after being convicted of one count of rape and six counts of sexual assault on a male under the age of 13.

He had denied the offenses at Minshull Street Crown Court.

The assaults occurred when Mottershead was 15 and babysat the victim, then aged six.

He would ply the boy with cider before coercing him into sexual encounters saying it was their “little secret,” jurors were told. Tormented by his childhood experience, the boy, who came from a “respectable” family turned to a life of alcohol, drugs and organized crime.

Prosecutor Mark Kellet told the court: “This continued for a period of time and the defendant threatened the boy that if he told anyone he would sexually assault his sister.”

Defense lawyer Thomas McKail said Mottershead was an immature 15-year-old whose offending had not been repeated.

Judge Timothy Mort told the rapist: “You would arrive at the house with your own music and in addition you used to bring a bottle of drink with you, usually cider.”

“This made you more relaxed and you also gave it to the boy, no doubt to make him feel more relaxed.”

“You and he would sit listening to music and you would give him swigs of cider and this would become a regular pattern.”

“You used to make his sister go upstairs to bed even though she was older and you would shut the door on the two of you.”

The Judge added: “What you did caused serious emotional distress and has had a bearing on his involvement with crime.”

“You may have been emotionally immature at the time but you were physically mature and you knew that you were there to babysit and you were being paid to do so.”

“You knew very well that what you did was wrong, in the way you threatened his sister.”

“This was an abuse of trust situation. This pattern of abuse must have occurred at least 15 if not 20 times.”