View Full Version : Sleepy sow airline worker stabs co-worker

Captain Pancakes
11-14-2017, 03:10 PM

Spirit Airlines employee from Cleveland Hopkins Airport was arrested Sunday night after she allegedly stabbed a co-worker with a pair of scissors.

According to a Cleveland police report, 39-year-old Vonda Gardner got into a dispute with 25-year-old Rhett Rossos after the latter accused Gardner of taking pictures of him sitting down on the conveyer belt behind the ticket counter. Rossos told officers he saw Gardner writing an email to management about the incident. She then turned the monitor off, and when Rossos turned it back on, Gardner allegedly stabbed him in the stomach.

After officers arrived on the scene just before 7 p.m., Rossos showed them his wounds and Gardner was arrested outside. She has been charged with felonious assault.

Bond has been set at $25,000.