View Full Version : Black Man who claimed he was ‘acting’ when he groped woman sent to jail

The Bobster
09-19-2017, 07:35 PM

Man who claimed he was ‘acting’ when he groped woman sent to jail
By Elizabeth Rosner and Natalie O'Neill
September 19, 2017 | 4:49pm

Jerry Saint Florant
Steven Hirsch

It’s curtains for ​a wannabe thespian who claimed he was just playing the part of a bad guy when he groped a woman at a​ Manhattan casting call.

Jerry Saint Florant was sentenced to four months in jail Tuesday by a judge who called his defense “ridiculous.” :)

“Your assertion that you were just acting, by logic, is ridiculous,” said Manhattan Supreme Court Ju​stice Curtis Farber.

​Frantic 911 calls proved nobody else in the room believed he was acting, Farber said.

“[You] knock over equipment, grab a young woman by her ankles, pull her legs up — knocking her backwards — and rub her inner thighs as she kicked you in self-defense,” the judge blasted, adding that the actor also shoved a friend of the woman he groped.

“I heard from the traumatized victims,” Farber said. “I heard the panicked 911 calls played during the course of the trial.”

He added, “No-one in that room thought you were acting. You were not acting. However, you most likely were having a some psychotic episode.”

But as the twisted thespian was escorted from the court in handcuffs, he insisted he’s simply misunderstood.

“It was just an acting audition and a big misunderstanding. You know justice is not being serviced, this is just a big misunderstanding, justice makes mistakes too,” he said.

He added, “I’ve never done anything like this…god have mercy on my soul.”

Florant was found guilty on seven misdemeanor counts, including attempted forcible touching, attempted assault and sex abuse.

He has a “mental condition,” according to Farber.

“Left untreated, the risk of you acting out again is very real and causing a danger to society.”