View Full Version : Racist NFL Player Has Started Sick Trend Against White Players

Captain Pancakes
09-20-2017, 12:50 PM

Michael Bennett, the Seatle Seahawks player who has just signed a $30 million NFL contract has taken the protesting too far. As well as just kneeling down during the national anthem, which is his right to do, no matter how disrespectful others might see it as. He has now taken to starting a new trend when tackling white players.

Each time he sacks a player (only while players, mind you) he raises his fist in a “black power” salute. This is a racist and ethnocentrist sign that is all about the supremacy of one race. By doing it when tackling only white players, he is making a racist statement that has no place on the football field.

Consider if a white player made a hand gesture that signalled race supremacy every time he tackled a black player, perhaps the Heil Hitler salute? Would there be any question of its inappropriateness? Or would it be shot down by every area of the media and a full apology demanded?

These protests are no longer about racial equality, don’t be fooled. They are about hate, division and power. And every American needs to stand up to this regardless of skin color. Withhold your hard earned money from those who push hatred and division.