View Full Version : Only california, Sacramento 2 pay gangbangers cash stipend if they curtail muy muerta

09-06-2017, 06:04 PM

But be assured itís very real, as reported by*Fox 40 Sacramento:

After a violent weekend of suspected gang-related shootings, Tuesday the Sacramento City Council took action to reduce the bloodshed.
It approved a controversial program called Advance Peace, which offers cash stipends to gang members who remain peaceful.
ďLetís get going on doing everything we can to save innocent lives,Ē*Steinberg said.
The program targets key gang agitators, offering them cash stipends to graduate school and remain peaceful.*It already claims success in dropping crime rates in Richmond. But the city would still have to pay half the cost of the program, $1.5 million out of the cityís general fund.
In the end, the council agreed to the program, voting 9-0 in favor.



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