View Full Version : Niglets Film Themselves on Snapchat Dropping Kicking Niglet

Captain Pancakes
09-06-2017, 06:40 AM

How to be a scumbag 101: drop kick some kids and upload it all to snapchat while you laugh about it.

We have said this for awhile. The youth generation is just messed up. It doesn’t look like its going to be a bright future with all the crimes committed on Facebook live and overall scumbag-ness-douchebagness taking place…

The video already has 3 million views. The title was: WHOS LITTLE BOY IS THIS??? Warning: this video is to warn parents/teachers/siblings/people to always keep an eye on young children

One person commented: “This is so sad and even more sad that someone would record this smh I’ll beat TF out his ass”

One pissed off parent commented: “I’d be in hell too quick if I told you what I’d do to that little boy if he did that to my kids. Hang him upside down from a tree branch take off my old ass Django belt and beat his ass. I’m gonna assume whoever recording is an adult I’m f*cking them up f*ck the bull**** that **** in no way is funny or entertaining so yeah…..In the words of HaHa Davis CLIP MY SON NOW HERES MY GUN WITCHO HOHOHOHO HO ASS!”

I am sure that is what a lot of these 10,000+ comments are saying. I can’t see anyone taking the side of these punk ass kids…