View Full Version : Zimbabwe: Goat raped to death, blooded condoms at crime scene, owner threatens juju

Captain Pancakes
09-06-2017, 07:49 AM
n a bizarre incident that has left villagers of Mavhunga in Mashonaland Central shell shocked, two men are suspected to have raped a goat to death last week Thursday.

The owner of the goat is reportedly threatening to use juju to bring the suspects to book.

In an interview with Bulawayo24.com village head Mr George Mavhunga (55) confirmed the case.

"We received a shocking report of bestiality last Thursday and we went to witness the incident.

"A goat belonging to mai Garai was raped to death using condoms, the condoms had blood stains.

Mr Mavhunga suspects that the shenanigans were done by two men who took turns to rape the goat since a goat bleats.

"This act was done by two culprits because a goat bleats, one was holding the mouth while the other was raping, taking turns," he said

Mavhunga had to summon the whole village to discuss the matter and the village conceded to use juju to bring the culprits to book.

"In our meeting villagers agreed to use juju so that the culprits are fixed.

"The owner took the used condoms for ritual purposes, we hope she will act soon because we want the village to be clean."

The village head's wife Eustina Murumbika (40) further alleged that cases of bestiality are common in Mavhunga village.

"This is not the first time to have cases of this nature, sometime back two boys were caught red handed in bestiality with a goat but no action was taken against them.

"When we saw this goat in question, it seemed the culprits had both protected and unprotected sex with it.

"It might have died from both suffocation or penetration," she said.

Meanwhile, efforts to interview mai Garai hit the brick wall as she was absent from her home and has no mobile phone.