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09-05-2017, 07:07 AM

ISP: Father admitted to punching infant in the head to get her to stop crying
7:43 AM, Sep 4, 2017

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LINTON, Ind. -- A Greene County man is facing multiple charges after he admitted to state police that he squeezed and punched his 9-month-old daughter in the head to get her to stop crying.

Tosumba Welch, 19, is charged with neglect of a dependent and domestic battery.

Indiana State Police began investigating after the infant was taken to the Greene County Hospital on Wednesday because she was having seizures.

Because of the severity of her injuries, the baby was airlifted to Riley Hospital for Children where doctors determined she had multiple skull fractures which her doctor described as "cracked egg shell," along with multiple brain bleeds.

The infant also had several healing rib fractures and previous injuries to her collar bone that the doctor described as "non-accidental," according to state police. She also had a fracture to her left ankle that was described as a "classic jerk and yank" abuse fracture.

Indiana State Police say testing ruled out a medical cause for the child's injuries.

Tosumba told investigators that he had squeezed and had punched his daughter in the head since she was four or five months old. He also told detectives that he would strike her in the back of the skull or on the sides of her head to make her stop crying.


Tosumba Welch

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Tosumba Denard Welch Sr. Already, you are parenting better than I could at your age, and with your first child. Keep up the good work son. She's beautiful.
August 22 at 7:49am


Lex Leanne

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Lex Leanne
September 1 at 7:42pm

Man I hate people... my heart is broken and I am so speechless. After being together for two years (sep 7) coming up. I never thought he would do this to her, me and HIM. I balled my eyes out when he told me everything, I hit him. But it didn't change anything besides me loving him and looking at him the same way ... I just couldn't believe it. We were suppose to be getting married and doing our own thing but it will never happen. I will never trust another man in my life. I didn't even know this was happening to her😭😭😭😭 if I did his ass would've been gone along time ago or got the help he needed. That was damn near my husband. But it wasn't 😫😫😫 I'm so sorry caela I didn't know baby.. now you home n safe and I'm gonna do everything I can to perfect you and get you everything you need. I'm sorry mommy didn't know. And you couldn't even tell me😪 your dadddy seemed so great to you. Loved you , cared you... but obviously he didn't so much . I'm sorry , I'm so ****ing sorry😭