View Full Version : 'Lucky to be alive': University City, MO WM attacked while walking to work by negros

09-04-2017, 06:59 AM

'Lucky to be alive': University City man attacked while walking to work
6:42 PM. CDT September 03, 2017

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UNIVERSITY CITY - A University City man said he's lucky to be alive after two people attacked and beat him on his way into work.

University Police have one suspect in custody. On Sunday, the victim talked about the attempted robbery and support from his community during recovery.

An everyday walk to work near the Delmar Loop turned to tragedy for Jimmy Muckle. But despite the scare, he's turned his focus to the future.

"Definitely lucky to be alive," Muckle said.

Muckle had to undergo surgery for more than 4 hours. The incident happened in broad daylight before a couple in the neighborhood ran the suspects off.

"Multiple fractures in the jaw area, broken nose, and because of the broken nose they had to do the [tracheotomy] during the surgery," he said.


Man charged in robbery, attack in University City that left Loop bartender badly hurt

Justin David Hood, of University City, was charged with first-degree assault in the attempted robbery and beating of a man in University City on Aug. 23, 2017