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The Bobster
09-03-2017, 09:15 AM

Halal cart turf war turns violent in Soho
By Khristina Narizhnaya and Larry Celona
September 2, 2017 | 6:57pm

Richard Harbus

A food-cart vendor was attacked by three rivals who pummeled him Saturday morning in Soho with a chunk of metal in an attempt to take over his prime spot outside of Bloomingdale’s, police said.

But the vendor, M.D. Rahman, wound up with both the spot — and the last laugh.

The attackers were busted on gang-assault charges, police said.

Meanwhile, Rahman, 32, was back at work by mid-afternoon, despite multiple bruises and a torn navy T-shirt.

“Three guys, they want to take my spot,” Rahman, of Woodhaven, Queens, told The Post as he chopped chicken for biryani rice and tikka masala.

“Three guys — a peanut guy, he’s new, and the others I don’t know,” he said.

Rahman had occupied the spot for 10 years, ever since arriving in New York from his native Bangladesh.

He’d been away from the spot, between Broome and Spring streets, for a few days outfitting a replacement cart, though, and figures that in the interim, the “peanut guy” and the two others took it over — and then wanted to keep it when he returned.

“Three, four days, I’m not here,” he said.

“I think this peanut guy parked here” when he was away, Rahman said.

“They suddenly hit,” he remembered.

“Suddenly, he grabbed my shirt. It ripped,” Rahman said of the “peanut guy.”

M.D. Rahman
Richard Harbus

“One guy kicked my back,” he recalled.

“One guy kicked my nuts. I fall down. I don’t know nothing that happen after.”

Rahman couldn’t linger long in the hospital Saturday, he told The Post, just enough time for doctors to ice his injuries.

He’d left the cart unattended, and needs the income to support his mother, he said.

“I’m OK now,” he said, despite wincing in apparent pain as he sat down on the floor of his cart to rest a moment.

The three alleged attackers were identified by police as Carlos Lopez-Pizarro, 31, Eduardo Latin-Cisterna, 46, and Marco Vial, 50, all of spic-infested West New York, NJ.

It was unclear who was “the peanut guy.”

About two weeks ago, a turf war between two other vendors in Manhattan turned bloody, police sources said at the time.

One halal vendor set up his cart directly across the street from the other at the corner of West 44th St. and Fifth Avenue on Aug. 16, according to the sources.

When the vendor already stationed there objected, his competitor, Khandaker Joy, reached for a cooking knife and slashed him in the abdomen, the sources said.

Joy was arrested and charged with second-degree assault.

“Every day I’m working here,” the victim, Sameh Barsoon, 34, told The Post the day after the incident.

“There comes another guy on the other side.”