View Full Version : Asian Teen threatens to kill nail salon worker over ‘sparkle manicure’

The Bobster
07-20-2017, 05:25 PM

Teen threatens to kill nail salon worker over ‘sparkle manicure’
By Daniel Prendergast and Elizabeth Rosner
July 20, 2017 | 3:44pm | Updated

The claws were out!

A teen girl went berserk after she was unhappy with her “sparkle manicure” at a lower Manhattan salon Thursday — threatening to kill an employee and hurling bottles on the floor, according to staff.

“The girl threw everything and she is crazy,” said Sam Loam, 50, manager of Fancy Nails on Madison Street. “The 14-year-girl kept saying she was going to kill my employee and call her boyfriend.”

But the 15-year-old may have met her match against the employees’ perfectly-filed nails — cops say the teen was scratched up when they took her and two others into custody for fighting at the store around midday.

The girl received the glittery treatment on Thursday morning, then paid and left without incident, Loam says.

But she returned with her mother around midday demanding her money back — and when the salon said no, she flew into a rage, Loam said.

The pampered teen tossed polishes, lotions and tools from two tables, while her mom threatened to sue the salon and tried to defend her daughter’s behavior.

“Her mommy kept saying, ‘she only 14 year old,'” he said — although cops say the girl is 15.

Police gave Lar Lam, 54, a desk ticket for misdemeanor assault, but charges against the other two are still pending, authorities said.