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Puppy at center of alleged abuse case in Detroit won't be returned to owners
7:27 PM, Jul 11, 2017

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DETROIT (WXYZ) - A day after Detroit Police feared the life of a puppy could be in immediate danger, we're told the 8-month-old pit bull named "Sona" won't be returned to her owners later this week after all.

It was originally said she would be returned after she'd been spayed. The came after officials said they examined the dog and found no signs of abuse.

However, officials now say they had examined the wrong dog and a new examination has shown that Sona did show signs of abuse. Because of that she will not be returned to the family.

A tipster recently provided 7 Action News with one video that appears to show a child hitting and then kicking Sona. Another video appears to show a man striking the puppy with a garden hose.

Before today's decision was reversed, Brandy Byrd said she was eager to get their puppy back. That came after we were told a veterinarian at Detroit Animal Control examined the puppy and found no signs of abuse.

Byrd also said the Michigan Humane Society (MHS) had paid her family over a dozen visits in the last four years after getting complaints that they were either mistreating or abusing another dog and now Sona.